The Hunter Biden Laptop is Real! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

During the 2020 presidential debates, in responding to allegations from Donald Trump about the Hunter Biden laptop, Joe Biden lied and said that the laptop and its revelations of Joe being the "big guy," getting pay-offs was a Russian fabrication. But now this very laptop is government exhibit 16 in Hunter Biden's gun trial. What is significant here is that apart from the incredible work done by Miranda Devine at the New York Post, the lamestream media went right along with the Joe Biden lie, suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. But the lie was reinforced by Deep State players too, such as the CIA, who knew it was authentic, but pushed the Russian misinformation line for electoral interference, against Trump.

Trump in the New York case is a felon because by paying Stormy Daniels to keep quiet, he supposedly interfered with the election, somehow, even though it is speculative, and never was proven by the New York court in a great miscarriage of justice. But the Hunter Biden laptop suppression goes far beyond that, as its cover-up, covers up Joe Biden's shonky dealings. And that would have definitely influenced voters, while everyone knows Trump is a womaniser; it is his brand. Indeed, the stormy tryst with Stormy may have gained him votes with Black American men!

"It's official.

Hunter Biden's "Laptop from Hell" is government exhibit 16 at the first son's gun trial in Delaware.

The silver MacBook Pro 13, covered in a clear plastic wrapper, was first publicly sighted Tuesday at 2:10 p.m. when it was carried across the court by prosecutor Derek Hines to his first witness, FBI Special Agent Erika Jensen, who confirmed it was Hunter's laptop from the serial number on the back.

Sitting at the bar table, Hunter was inscrutable behind salmon pink reading glasses as the laptop that threatens to put him in jail and politically scorch his ­father coasted serenely across the room.

Three years and eight months since you heard it first in the New York Post, Jensen said that the laptop was obtained by the FBI in 2019 with a subpoena from The Mac Shop in Wilmington where it had been "abandoned" by Hunter.

She said that investigators corroborated content on the laptop with Hunter's iCloud that they obtained from Apple with a subpoena.

We told ya so!

When The Post broke the story before the 2020 election in October 2020 — publishing evidence from the laptop of Joe Biden's involvement in his family's global influence-peddling racket — we were censored by Big Tech and falsely accused by 51 former intelligence officials of peddling "Russian disinformation."

Then-presidential candidate Biden lied to the American people that the laptop was a "Russian plant."

If you were not a reader of this newspaper and simply believed the Biden lies, Tuesday's courtroom revelations would have come as a bolt from the blue.

Hines told the jury that when Hunter bought a gun after ticking a box on a federal background form saying he was not a drug user, he "chose to illegally own a firearm" and "chose to lie . . . Nobody is allowed to lie, not even Hunter Biden."

Then Hines led Agent Jensen through messages and images from the laptop of a half-naked Hunter with drug paraphernalia to make his case that Hunter was using drugs in the period before, during and after Oct. 12, 2018, the day he drove his father's Cadillac to a local gun store and bought a handgun.

The jury kept an intense, unsmiling focus throughout evidence that showed Hunter spending $50,000 a month in ATM withdrawals while organizing alleged purchases of crack cocaine.

Hallie on outs

Hunter's disembodied voice filled the courtroom as prosecutors played audiobook extracts from his memoir, in which he admitted to smoking crack every 15 minutes seven days a week between 2015 and 2019, punctuated by six expensive rehab attempts.

Hallie Biden, Hunter's former lover, the widow of his brother Beau, who threw his new gun in a trash can outside a nearby gourmet market, will be the prosecution's fourth witness, after Hunter's ex-wife Kathleen Buhle and his ex-lover Zoe Kestan.

Hunter "introduced Hallie to crack," said Hines, but before she threw out his gun, she had "been clean for two months and remains clean."

She will testify under a "grant of immunity" to avoid potentially incriminating herself.

But, in a sign that Hunter plans to throw Hallie under the bus, his lawyer Abbe Lowell highlighted her grant of immunity to the jury as a reason to treat her testimony with caution.

He portrayed Hallie as irresponsible in her handling of the gun or, as Hunter told her in text messages from his laptop, "totally irresponsible" and ­"unhinged."

Hunter "put the gun in a locked box in his truck," said Lowell.

But Hallie "took it on herself to take the gun and the bullets and . . . put it in the bag . . . and decided to drive her car with the bag to Janssen's [Market] and then she took the bag and put it in a trash can in front of the store and left."

In the insular Biden dynasty, being on the outside is a hostile place.

That may be where Hallie, the daughter of a local dry cleaner who married the prince, now finds herself." 



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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