The Hunter Biden Guilty Distraction, By Charles Taylor

Hunter Biden has been found guilty of purchasing a gun while being a drug addict and lying on a form. He could face up to 25 years jail but will not. Daddy Joe is likely to pardon him in the worst-case scenario. And as noted by Trump, this trial was a distraction from the real Biden family crimes, of selling influence to enemies such as communist China. The mainstream media are saying that the conviction refutes Trump's claim of lawfare against him; from the point of view of logic, no it does not, because one trial that reaches the right conclusion does not show that all trials reach the right conclusion or are even right to begin with.

"Hunter Biden is guilty. Everyone in the world has known that for a long time. Today a jury in Delaware found him guilty. But do not take the bait, I plead with you. The media is going to say this is the rule of law working. It's even. What's happened with the lawfare with President Trump and all of their conservatives is now okay because they got Hunter on this one thing. That's not true. They charged him with the lowest level thing they could find, okay. This is about lying on a form to buy a gun, that he was addicted to drugs. Clear as day. Everyone knows that. They did not charge him with running an international pay-to-play influence peddling scheme with his father as the product. His father's awareness of it with some of the most corrupt corners of the world, the CCP, the corrupt corners of Ukraine... Any corrupt area you point to, the Biden family had some sort of business dealing. They picked the one crime that they could say had nothing to do with Joe, had nothing to do with acting as a foreign agent, and they charged him with that solely to make this kind of plea that now there's things happening on both sides and everything's okay. That's not true whatsoever. This is what they tried to get away with last summer when we threw a wrench in their plans. They went to court in Delaware and under the guise of tax and gun fraud, the Biden administration wanted to offer him a global plea that would have excused him for everything else he did involving his father and the rest of the Biden family. The same thing is at play right now. This sets up for a potential global pardon where his father Joe could say I am pardoning this verdict against my son. And it's going to include, guess what? Everything else that connects back to Joe. That's what we need to be on the lookout for." 



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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