The Great Human Stem Cell Failure By Brian Simpson

     Those concerned about the ill-effects of runaway technology may rejoice in the failure of one Dr Frankenstein experiment; the failure of mini kidney organoids from human stem cells:

“Scientists who thought they could manipulate human stem cells to grow kidneys in a laboratory have found that those Franken-kidneys sprouted their own brain and muscle cells, essentially going “rogue” and “behaving” in this completely unexpected manner. So what happens if they put these kidneys in humans? Will the human body reject these foreign brain cells and wage a deadly auto-immune war? Or will the humans survive the rogue experimentation and become some freaky beasts with multiple brains and new organ muscles that function independently of the human body that houses them? If this all sounds like a scene from a science-fiction-horror film, that’s because it’s already been filmed.”

     It is all a matter of exceeding the bounds of God’s natural law. Science and technology, have long ago been “playing god,” without any wisdom, guided only by the lust for profit. Scientists and technologists are willingly manipulated by the corporate monsters, and in any case care only for fame, and maybe not fortune (which goes to the elites) but getting the next research grant extended. It is a pathetic excuse for a human existence by those priding themselves on IQ. 



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Saturday, 24 February 2024

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