The Great Death Spike in Australia By Brian Simpson

Covid critic Alex Berenson at his Substack delves into the issue not discussed in super-vaxxed Australia (95 percent), where there is a surge in excess mortality. Australia did not have these excess deaths in 2020 and 2021. This makes the standard explanations such as lack of medical care, most unlikely. Could it be that the vax may have something to do about it? Surely not, that would be misinformation conspiratorial thinking wouldn’t it?


“Add Australia to the countries seeing an unusual surge in deaths from all causes following mass mRNA shot campaigns .

The Australian government reported on May 25 that deaths in Australia were 21 percent above normal in early 2022. Even excluding Covid deaths, deaths were more than 10 percent above normal.

Victoria, Australia's second-most-populated state, offers an even grimmer picture. Unlike the national government, Victoria publishes monthly death figures in near-real time. On Thursday, it reported 4,312 deaths in May, 27 percent above the average of May 2020 and 2021 - the equivalent of 45,000 extra deaths in the United States.

The Australian death spike is particularly striking, because Australia had no excess deaths - and little Covid - in 2020 and much of 2021. Thus the usual alternative explanations cannot hold. The spike cannot be the result of delayed medical care or “long Covid” (whatever long Covid is). Australia’s weather and geography are also very different than the European countries now reporting excess deaths.

Further, the Australian data show that most excess deaths in January and February 2022 were NOT cardiac. Deaths from cancer were slightly above average, but the biggest jumps were in deaths from diabetes and dementia, both almost 30 percent above normal.

Reports in scientific journals and in the federal VAERS database have highlighted cases of severe diabetic dysregulation following the mRNA shots. Anecdotal stories of elderly people suffering rapid mental deterioration, especially after a second or booster shot, are also common.


Even as non-Covid deaths rise, Covid deaths have also soared in Australia this year - reaching levels far higher than they were before Australia began vaccinated.

For much of 2020 and 2021, Australia happily traded its civil liberties for “donut days,” when it had no new reported coronavirus infections, much less deaths.

With the arrival of the mRNA vaccines, most Australians - and Covid authoritarians everywhere - believed Australia had made the right bet. Sure they had given up a couple of years of freedom - in return for a Covid-free paradise forever.

Australians eagerly accepted Covid vaccinations and are vaccinated at rates significantly higher than Americans. 95 percent of people 16 and over in New South Wales, the country’s largest state, have been vaccinated. 64 percent have been boosted.


Yet despite (or because of) these very high vaccination rates, the arrival of Omicron has led to a relentless wave of infections and deaths across Australia.


Australia now has reported the equivalent of about 125,000 American Covid deaths, and the vast majority have happened this year.

That figure is still far lower than the United States’s total, of course. But for the first time since Covid began, Australia now has significantly more daily deaths than the United States on a per-capita basis.

And the widespread boosters have made no difference. New South Wales reported on Thursday that 82 of the 98 people who died of Covid in the week ending May 28 were vaccinated, including 64 who had received at least one booster.

Maybe even more stunning, of 41 people admitted to intensive care units, only two were known to be unvaccinated. (The status of 11 other patients was unknown. In the United States, all would simply be valled unvaccinated. Despite its authoritarianism, Australia is much more honest in its reporting than the Centers for Disease Control.)

Because Australia had so little Covid before vaccinations began, it offers perhaps the clearest picture anywhere of the overall benefits and risks of widespread mRNA shots. Australians are being exposed to Covid largely after being vaccinated. The shots had plenty of time to work their magic.

If magic is the right word.


Jun 6

Alex! I'm a lawyer in Australia, the increase in mortality in Australia is absolutely shocking. Truly scary. Strange signals are now showing up all over the place. You cannot drive anywhere without being confronted by an ambulance screaming past - this was something I used to see once every few weeks and yet I now see several, each day. Work wise, our office has seen a huge increase in the number of estates we are dealing with, compared to the usual amount we would handle. On average, it takes about 3 weeks for a Grant of Probate to issue from our State's Supreme Court - currently it is taking over 2 months for a Probate to issue (I can only imagine it is due to the excessive number of Applications being submitted, due to the excess deaths). In addition, Death Certificates usually have a specific date of death, however if someone has died alone at home and not been found for several days, a Death Certificate will show a period of between two specific dates (for example, 'between 3 March 2022 - 6 March 2022'). This is rare, and at our practice we would usually only see one or two of these a year. I saw three such Death Certificates come into our office for new estates, in one week alone. Essentially, these are people who died, at home, alone, completely unexpectedly. In addition, life insurance claims are taking so much longer to process than usual, because of the excess number of claims currently being made. I had a rep of a major Australian life insurance company phone our office to apologise for the delay on a specific estate, and she said the delay was caused by a huge increase in deaths that they are seeing (she said a huge number of additional employees had to be hired to process the excess) and quote 'they are not covid deaths'. We are just a small practice, but I would imagine any law firm dealing with estate law would be seeing the same thing. I don't know how the Governments can not only let this continue, but actively push these failed products onto the people of this country.”

See, nothing to see here.




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Wednesday, 17 August 2022