The Great Coronavirus “Hoax”? By Brian Simpson

     The position of most of us writers on the coronavirus, and we have read much of the alternative coverage, is that it is too soon to say for sure whether of not this is a manufactured crisis, a bioweapon gone rogue, or just a natural evolutionary development, with a virus species jumping. Therefore, it is wise to cover all the bases and to give voice to a much information and points of view as possible. One thing to keep in mind is that many have noted that there will be severe economic ramifications, which could be a crisis, manufactured or not, more severe than the GFC. And, the world will never be the same:

“National borders can be expected to harden where, for decades, they had become increasingly porous. Nations facing contagion from abroad sealed or semi-sealed their borders. This, I suspect, was not simply health quarantining but animated by a turning inward, a desire or instinct for national identity. Governments that recently fostered the idea that their citizens were Europeans rather than members of distinct nationalities drew a line around the people who knew they were indeed a people. Italians in lockdown didn’t sing the EU anthem on their balconies; they sang patriotic songs about Italy. For worse and for better, this pandemic will stoke suspicion of foreign peoples and lands and will give extra force to increasingly persuasive arguments that nation-states are the most effective bulwarks against arrogant encroachments on self-government. COVID-19 will also change the way we regard China, which since the Clinton presidency has been treated less as a strategic rival than as a trading partner. Now we will see it as a tyranny responsible for a scourge laying waste to our economy, jobs, wealth, and well-being. We will be less tempted to subordinate recognition of its malignancy to wishful thinking and commercial desire. Others foresee revolutionary change. It certainly seems likely that some of what is to come will be shocking. The phrase, “things will never be the same,” is usually either a truism or an exaggeration, but on rare occasions, it is apt. We may be at such a moment now. No one has ever seen an economic slowdown as quick as this, nor a behavioral volte-face as sudden as the whole world’s switch to social distancing.”

     Whatever happens, the governments will capitalise on the increased surveillance to further their technocratic social control:

     Yes, this is all a bit of a shock to the globalist cosmopolitan academic types, who never expected that their house of cards would come crashing down so quickly. Foreigners banned for six month from entering Australia? We nationalists could only have dreamt of that a few months ago. And, who knows, the coronavirus might meet some more virulent flu bug, make sweet genetic love, and bingo, closed borders forever. These scenarios were discussed by the League of Rights writers over the years, and by others whose books were promoted by the League. We got it right, where mainstream academics did not read the signs of the times, which is, that nature bats last. On the economic impact and a possible collapse scenario, I happened to read an insightful piece on this at Quora, by Stephen Taylor, better than most of the mainstream economics writings:

“I repeat: at the end of the road on Option B, most of the world could potentially look like Venezuela. Unless COVID-19 is completely, absolutely obliterated in the “developed world,” when (or if) Colombia, Mexico, Vietnam, and whole continents like Africa are forced to re-open their borders to bring in desperately-needed tourism dollars — or for that matter, Peace Corps volunteers, who were just evacuated from all their posts — even a single case risks infecting/re-infecting populations in Europe, China and the U.S. (Considering that COVID-19 is already in the developing world, they’re probably going to be suffering from mass infections, anyway.) The wealthier countries of the world can probably knock out this infection sometime this year. But if other countries are suffering from large-scale infections, and if there’s no vaccine, those airline routes aren’t going to re-open at zero risk. And the risk of re-infecting countries like Italy by one tourist traveling to the tropics and back is just too great. In all likelihood, a vaccine is going to be developed. If not, and the virus lingers on in some parts of the world, international borders would have to be shut pretty much permanently (or at least we’ll have rigorous, serious health checks before crossing one). The economic impact of freedom of travel vanishing will be beyond devastating. The ultimate death toll combined with the risk of social and healthcare collapse as economies fall apart in the poorer parts of the world might be far worse than letting this virus take out a bunch of old people right now. If you compare it to a forest fire, the virus will “lose fuel.”

I was in Cartagena, Colombia last month. It was bustling with tourists, whom its economy almost completely depends on. I read a Colombian newspaper this morning. Cartagena, along with cities like Santa Marta, is in a really grim situation: not from the virus itself (yet), but from the brutal economic impact caused by sealing the border and cutting off tourism. There’s already some small riots in Santa Marta. What keeps them from getting bigger? Not much. People who made a living from tourism are really scared. Colombia, twenty years ago, was a pretty screwed-up place, but that was turning around under the influence of tourist dollars. In a worst-case scenario, without a vaccine, Colombia and many countries like it might as well just hope for a huge hurricane to wipe every hotel into the Caribbean, because they’ll be worthless. Europeans and Americans will not travel to a country with a massive coronavirus infection. Hundreds of thousands of Colombian livelihoods will evaporate. And this is just one country. If the economies of the United States, Europe and China absolutely go down the toilet, it is entirely possible that Venezuela is the future of most of the world. Connect the dots. Picture what kind of social and political instability could come about in that scenario. Gut-wrenching to consider, but folks may have to ask whether Option A (millions of deaths in the next 4–5 months) is truly worse than Option B and all Option B will bring with it. …This isn’t “hype,” bud. Percentage-wise, probably 97–99% of people will survive the actual virus. But what happens to societies around the globe in order to keep the other 1–3% from dying might be the spark that destroys the entire world as we know it. What happened in Australia and California recently is a gory warning. If fire suppression isn’t an effective fire management tool, terrifyingly, it may be true that suppressing a global virus is actually worse than letting it take out 1–3% of the human population.”

“To those who can’t handle words, you need to accelerate your adjustment curve or you won’t survive:

•    We are upgrading our preparedness recommendations to 18 months of food and critical supplies. This is not some sort of self-serving statement, since our own store barely has anything left to sell.
•    The financial system is cratering. Banks will begin to fold soon. Many deposits will be wiped out. Some are moving into T-bills (US Treasury), even knowing the dollar will lose a lot of value this year due to monetary debasement. “America will end as we know it. I’m sorry to say so, unless we take this option,” – Bill Ackerman,, imploring Trump to shut down the entire nation for 30 days.
•    Pensions are being wiped out right now, exactly along the lines we’ve been warning about for years (see for historical articles). If you had exposure to the bubble stock market, those assets are being eviscerated by the day. Expect an 80% loss.
•    Real estate will begin to crater soon. Expect a 40% plunge on average, nationwide. Unemployment will skyrocket to Great Depression levels in less than 90 days. This is not a drill.
•    The “free money” insanity being pushed by the Trump administration will result in rapid price inflation across America, putting us on the path toward a Venezuela-type scenario and more money printing goes to insane levels to bail out everybody and everything in the economy. Dumpster diving for food, the national sport of the failed state of Venezuela, will soon be commonplace in many US cities.
•    The food supply is cratering in many regions, with food distribution hubs gutted, and many local retailers cleaned out. City dwellers are “hunting” for grocery stores in rural areas that have more food. We anticipate gun battles over food to commence soon.
•    Speaking of guns, every round of ammunition and every firearm in America is just about gone as of today. Retailers still have some supplies, but wholesalers are wiped out everywhere. If you didn’t arm up before now, you will have to pay a sweet premium to acquire anything in this area.
•    More and more experts and even CDC officials are now openly talking about “millions of deaths” in the USA over the next 18 months. It’s no longer a conspiracy theory. “The new coronavirus could kill millions across the U.S., said Dr. Kathleen Neuzil, director of the Center for Vaccine Development at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine.” –
•    Gold and silver supplies are VERY difficult to acquire now (physical), even as spot prices for silver are cratering. But real-world “bid” prices for physical silver are much, much higher, and that’s even if you can find physical silver rounds anywhere.
•    Once-secret military control plans have been leaked to the media, describing the total military lockdown of the USA. The plan names are “Octagon, Freejack and Zodiac.” From “The three most compartmented contingencies – Octagon, Freejack, and Zodiac – call upon various military units in Washington DC, North Carolina and eastern Maryland to defend government operations if there is a total breakdown. The seventh plan – codenamed Granite Shadow – lays out the playbook for extraordinary domestic missions that involve weapons of mass destruction.” (In other words, tactical nukes deployed in America.)
•    The masses of unprepared, oblivious, clueless sheeple are about to lose their shit. Expect looting, robberies, and “gang”-level raids of grocery stores and pharmacies soon. Law enforcement will be very quickly overrun. Chaos is about to commence. Prepare your chest rig with level IV ballistic plates.
This is NOT a drill. This is NOT a hoax. And this isn’t going to be over in a month. Some independent media outlets have been infiltrated by the communist Chinese to push the “hoax” narrative so that Americans are late to get prepared as the financial collapse commences.”

     If all this economic collapse stuff is not enough, well, after the fall the Chinese invade in a “Red Dawn” scenario and finish America off, and probably Australia for an appetiser. My feeling here is that Mike is over the top a  bit on that since the US military will survive this.

     Do it yourself gas masks, the next level up, for information purposes only!

“For this standard homemade gas mask, all you need is a two-liter plastic soda bottle, a dust mask (preferably N95 masks or better), a roll of duct tape and a knife. This gas mask takes no time to make, and costs very little. Plus, you’re more likely to have the gear you need to make this. Here are the steps to follow:

1.    At the bottom of your plastic soda bottle, there’s a seam. Using your knife, cut along the seam until you’ve completely cut off the bottom.
2.    Cut a U-shape on the side of the bottle. The U’s bottom should be 2 inches below the bottle cap, and the width should be large enough to fit your face through it.
3.    Take off the bands from your dust mask.
4.    Place your dust mask inside the bottle, right at the bottom of the U, and duct tape your mask to the bottle. Make sure you have a solid seal around your mask area, and don’t leave any gaps where gas can sneak in. If you’re unsure, put more duct tape.
5.    Duct tape the edges of the bottle, so you don’t accidentally injure yourself.
6.    Cut out slits on the sides of your bottle, and thread the dust mask’s bands through the slits. Tie off the ends so they don’t come out, and duct tape the slits once you’re done.
7.    Using your knife, punch a few small holes into the bottle cap.
8.    Wear your mask to test it out.
The improved DIY gas mask
If you’re looking for something that takes a little more time to make, but can offer a lot more protection, this DIY gas mask will do the trick. You will need the same items as a standard DIY gas mask, plus some glue and stapler.
There’s a second part to this mask, as it needs an air filter. You will need two more plastic bottles, a rubber hose, some activated charcoal and pillow stuffing.
Here’s how to make the mask:
1.    Follow the first few steps of the standard DIY gas mask. However, instead of duct taping the edges of the plastic bottle, use glue to form a rubber insulation. This creates a seal that will keep contaminated air away from your face.
2.    Instead of cutting holes into the sides and duct taping them, use a stapler to lessen your chances of being exposed to tiny particles.
Here are the steps for the air filter part of the gas mask:
1.    Cut off the top of the plastic bottle. Fill the bottom with 3-4 inches of activated charcoal. This can filter out chlorine and carbon-based chemicals.
2.    Cut the bottom off the other plastic bottle. Leave the cap on. Fill this bottle with 3-4 inches of pillow stuffing.
3.    Slide the bottle together and duct tape them shut.
4.    Poke 6-7 tiny holes in the charcoal end of the filter when you need to use the gas mask.
5.    Using your rubber hose, connect the bottom of your mask to your filter and duct tape them together.
The dual filter DIY gas mask
This gas mask requires a lot more material, time and attention to detail. But in return, you can get some of the best improvised hazard protections out there. You will need your standard DIY gas mask, two smaller plastic bottles (preferably less than 500 mL), some cotton or pillow stuffing or whatever filters you need, and some medical dressing or coffee filters.
Here’s how to make it:
1.    On your standard DIY gas mask, cut two holes on the sides of the plastic bottle, large enough for the tops of the two smaller bottles to fit through.
2.    Cut off the tops and bottoms of your two smaller plastic bottles. Keep these, but take out the plastic caps.
3.    Cut or drill some small holes into the bottoms and the tops of the two smaller plastic bottles.
4.    Fill the insides of the two plastic bottles with your stuffing or other filters.
5.    Hot glue or duct tape together the bottoms and tops of the two smaller plastic bottles.
6.    Place your filters into the two holes you cut into the sides of the standard DIY gas mask. Seal the filters to the mask with hot glue or duct tape.
7.    Place some gauze pads or coffee filters on the inside of your gas mask to block the openings of the filters. Use duct tape to stick these in place. This will stop the items you use as a filter from entering the mask itself.
These gas masks can offer some protection against chemicals, airborne pollutants and all kinds of contaminants that can irritate your lungs.
There are other kinds of gas masks that you can make. For example, if you have a full-face snorkel, you can easily turn it into a gas mask.”

     Great. With the weekend coming, and staying home, I will do a John Steele, go into survival paranoid mode and make my own gas mask. But will it stop viruses? I have no way of knowing.



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