The Great Battle For No By Mrs Vera West

     People, especially girls and women, need to learn to say “NO”!  If people in the West had learnt to say No then we may not have some of the crises which we now face.

     The same sex marriage campaign Yes side, has sent out unsolicited text massages for the Yes side. The messages were sent using a “technology platform,” used by political parties. Obviously enough, all the usual suspects have defended this invasion of privacy. In fact, the electoral use could be in violation of the Privacy Act as well, and it would be good for lawyers to get onto this and see if the law can be used against them.

     Have mobile phone numbers been kept on a data base? It seems likely, and this too could be contrary to Privacy law. Get onto all the pollies opposing same sex marriage and demand that they do something about this! It is their job to act!

     The good news is that even the mainstream media is reporting that the Yes vote is starting to lose ground, with support falling from 63 to 57 per cent: The Australian, September 25, 2017, p. 1. I don’t believe that the Yes side has such high figures, given that ethnic Australia is firmly going to vote No, and that given the climate of fear that has been created, most No supporters are not going to declare this to someone who has their phone number.
Keep fighting, for victory in this is coming!



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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