The Great Australian Fire Sale: Treason Unlimited By James Reed

     I don’t particularly like much at the Affirmative Right site, since much of their time is spent attacking so-called false doctrines of the Right, when the Left is basically carpet-bombing Western civilisation. Too much personality issues for my taste. But, there are some truly excellent pieces that appear there once in a while, so with everything, we take what is useful and discard the rest, as martial arts great Bruce Lee said (John Steele, a Bruce Lee fan told me this.) And, I am a fan of Australian right film maker Richard Wolstencroft, who in his latest Report from Tiger Mountain tackles one question that also preoccupies me, the way the Australian government is allowing China to buy up the whole place. You would think that we are controlled by traitors, who have an alliance with a foreign, hostile power, or as Richard says, are simply “spies.” And, he drops a few names too, but here we are legally ultra-cautious, and don’t.

     Anyway, the way things are, we are soon not going to have local milk, or even baby food, and that is supposed to be sound globalist economics:



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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