The Globalist War Against Cash, the Internet and Freedom by Richard Miller

In India millions of people are already in revolt against new anti-cash laws which has led to hundreds of millions of poor people being unable to access their savings:

The global financial elites want to eliminate cash as this will give them even more control over the ordinary people, and India is being used as a test-run for what is planned across the world. Without cash the New World Order overlords can readily control what one buys and what one does.
The Australian government, following calls from multinational finance companies, is examining abolishing the Australian hundred-dollar note, done under the guise of reducing the “black market economy”:
As Mike Adams points out, the attack on cash is part of a globalist offensive on freedom, including freedom of the internet (Natural, December 5, 2016) There is already censorship of the social media in German:

There are new UK spy laws permitting the government to spy on all citizens:

In Europe “expressing even a mild opinion that runs counter to official government policy” can land you in prison:
European countries have become police states.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft are attempting to remove “extremist” speech from the web by creating a common database, sharing “hashes” with each other identifying extremism. “Extremism” is defined as anything that the System does not like; race and identify issue today; social credit tomorrow:

It does not stop there. In the once land of the free, the Disunited States of America, in Magnolia, Texas, it is a crime to walk your children home from school. Parents have been threatened with arrest by coming to collect their children on foot, rather than have them bussed:

In California a man was arrested and charged for Driving Under the Influence – of caffeine! Even though blood tests showed that he had not consumed any illegal drugs, he tested positive for caffeine. Imagine testing all of those city workers getting their morning fix of coffee just to be able to start the day!

Obviously, this must all be fought hard. I am old enough to remember activism before the internet, which involved paper and lots of leafletting and postage. The loss of the internet would damage the exploding resistance movement among young people, but it may not end it. For a time, alternative social media mechanisms could be used and alternative software to Microsoft. It will be difficult to completely control the net in the West without Chinese communist levels of suppression, but it could happen.

As for cash, it could also be eliminated. One needs to stockpile supplies now of things that could be controlled like politically incorrect books, preferably in paper copies. Make a list of things that you buy that you don’t want placed under surveillance. Even bulk supplies of food could draw attention to you in the future – so start planning now.

The New World Order orcs are deadly serious in their plan for world domination and our destruction.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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