The Globalist Takeover of Farming By James Reed

The Dutch government is going ahead with its plan to half the countries livestock herds, to supposedly reduce nitrogen production, all for the alleged reason of aiding in reducing climate change. Never mind that any savings made, however illusory, and short-term will be swamped by communist China’s rampant carbon dioxide production in its manic quest to dominate the world. The Dutch government is doing this reduction even though its agricultural sector is one of the most efficient in the world, which in itself is highly suspicious.

Documentary filmmaker James Patrick, has a film, NITROGEN 2000, which seeks to establish that the same globalists who were pushing the Covid plandemic, and still are, are behind the deconstruction of Western agriculture.

Don’t be surprised to see people like Bill Gates, who has already bought up an enormous quantity of US farm land, moving in for the kill on the Dutch farms.

“In 2019, the Dutch government proposed taking radical measures to halve the country's livestock herds with the purported objective of reducing agricultural pollution in the Netherlands. The government claimed that the Dutch agricultural sector—and especially its beef and dairy cattle farmers—had created a Nitrogen Crisis that was imperiling the country’s natural environment. This Crisis is—the government claimed—caused by an excess of farm animals creating an excess of manure and urine, which are—purportedly by wind and water transport—reaching nature preserves and causing unnatural and undesirable plant and algae growth.

The solution proposed by the Dutch government is for approximately HALF of the nation’s animal farms to cease operation. Dutch farmers mobilized to protest this legislative action, which resulted in a massive conflict that has been waged in court and in street protests since 2020.

For centuries, the Netherlands has been an intensely agricultural nation that now ranks as one of the most productive and efficient in the world. Most of the countryside is owned by family farmers, some of whom have been producing food for over ten generations. Now—in order to reduce nitrogen emissions—thousands of Dutch farmers are being asked to stop farming.

In November of 2022, the Dutch government submitted a plan to purchase 3000 Dutch farms. The government claims the farmers will receive the fair cash value of their land. If they refuse to accept the offer, they will be forced to sell. Many conservative and classical liberal commentators have expressed alarm about such radical measures taken against private property. Some have pointed out they are reminiscent of actions taken by totalitarian dictators such as Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot against independent farmers.

Documentary filmmaker James Patrick is gravely concerned what is happening in the Netherlands is a dress rehearsal for similar actions that are being planned in other European nations and in the United States and Canada. For over a year he has investigated this story and interviewed Dutch farmers, scientists, and government officials.

In his new film, NITROGEN 2000, James presents evidence that what we are seeing in the Netherlands is a hostile takeover of the agricultural sector by globalist actors, some of whom also played a key role in developing and forcing the catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic response.

James is one of the most diligent researchers and reporters I know, and we are always looking for ways to work together. NITROGEN 2000 is an illuminating, maddening, and poignant film, and a wakeup call for all of us to pay attention to what is going on in the agricultural sector in all nations. Food prices have been sharply rising for some time. If globalists and their UN stooges are allowed to move forward with their schemes, we may soon face runaway food price inflation. Many may eventually face hunger and even a full-blown famine.”



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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