The Globalist Elite are Not Unbeatable by James Reed

There is a minority view among fundamentalist Christian actionists, mainly held in the United States, that the global elite are Satanic, literally, and thus have supernatural powers from the dark side. The only way of defeating them, is ultimately through the Second Coming where God (some Catholics say Mary), crushes the serpent’s head. In the meantime, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7

All that may well be so – nobody cares to invite me to any meetings of the illuminati, so I don’t know what goes on deep in the underground tunnels where these dark creatures meet.
However, in many respects, one level of the global elite, as represented by Hillary Clinton, seem to be not supernatural, but human, all too human. Clinton’s health, for example, can no longer be swept away as a right wing conspiracy concern, after she collapsed in New York over two weeks ago at a ceremony of the 15th anniversary of the twin towers collapsing. Hillary’s collapse was mysterious, due they said to overheating and pneumonia. Yes, overheating on a rather pleasant 70-degree F day. And she was then taken to her daughter’s apartment rather than a hospital, well, because everyone had been through this before, and Clinton had medical support on standby, ready for her inevitable collapse.
I like to think that this is a living metaphor for the System as a whole.

After that disaster Wikileaks showered the internet with leaked Democrat server files. Some journalists claim that there is evidence of massive insider trading, constituting federal offences. This has not been fully digested yet, but will give Trump plenty to play with. The point is that cyber security is virtually non-existent. A website attempting to scare gentle folk by linking Putin and Trump, "", was hacked by Wikileaks before it went live, and the content screen capped then exposed. They did it because the password was, believe it or not, “putintrump.” I guess they wanted something easy for their grunters to remember, forgetting that hackers are no fools.

A generation of young highly computer literate people are emerging, who are beginning to chip away with electronic jack hammers at the foundations of globalism, ironically using the globalists own weapons of information technology against them.

I don’t understand the fine details of how all of this works, but I can sit back in my declining years knowing that the elites are not supernatural, as some Christian fundamentalists think, but are often not all that IT savvy.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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