The Ghislaine Maxwell Sentence By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Ghislaine Maxwell, the madam of Epstein’s paedophilia circle, which supplied children to the globalist elites, particularly on Epstein’s “paedo island,” has been given 20 years in a cosy low-security jail, something more like a holiday resort, complete with a garden. No doubt behind the scenes the elites who raped the children were contemplating whether it as necessary to “Epstein” her but she looks like keeping her mouth shut. What is interesting is that Epstein and her would have filmed, for blackmail purposes, all of the elites having illegal sex. The tapes were uncovered by the US authorities but now seem to have disappeared. No doubt in a few years’ time, once the public has forgotten about this, Maxwell will get released for good behaviour and retire in comfort. Who says that crime does not pay – but only in this world  ̶  not after God’s judgment!




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Monday, 04 March 2024

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