The Genocide of the Uyghurs by Communist China; The Shape of Genocides to Come By James Reed

A massive amount of Communist Chinese internal CCP documents have revealed that CCP dictator Xi Jinping had personally ordered genocide against the Uyghurs, showing what China really thinks of diversity. Other Turkic groups, such as Kyrgyz and Kazakh people, in East Turkistan are also under attack, by measures such as the use of over 1,000 concentration camps to indoctrinate, torture, enslave, and rape victims and the  the mass sterilization of non-Han ethnic women.  In a 2018 speech, China’s Public Security Minister Zhao Kezhi, loyal to Xi, naturally, advocated that Administrators in East Turkistan “break the lineages, break the roots, break the connections, break the origins.” And this is precisely what has been done.

If a Western white, or formerly white, country had done any of this, the condemnation would shake the Earth, and rightly so. But a combination of China fear, and/or worship has blunted criticism. As well, the movement in the West to the Left has put China in a leading light, much like Leftists held the USSR during the heady days of the 1960s.

“A massive trove of Chinese Communist Party internal documents, including photos of thousands of concentration camp victims, from the Uyghur heartland of East Turkistan, published on Tuesday, revealed that officials in charge of the Uyghur genocide regularly cited dictator Xi Jinping as personally ordering genocidal policies.

In one document, a 2018 speech, China’s Public Security Minister Zhao Kezhi applauded Party officials and police in East Turkistan for working to “break the lineages, break the roots, break the connections, break the origins” of the region’s people, claiming it necessary to end terrorism.

Zenz wrote in the article that he “unexpectedly” received the thousands of files from an unnamed “third party.” The individual, requesting anonymity for his or her safety, reportedly acquired the documents “through hacking into computer systems operated by the Public Security Bureau (PSB) of the counties of Konasheher (shufu xian 疏附县), located in Kashgar Prefecture, and Tekes (tekesi xian 特克斯县) in Ili Prefecture” in East Turkistan.

The Chinese Communist Party is currently engaging in a genocide against the Uyghur people – and other Turkic groups, such as Kyrgyz and Kazakh people – in East Turkistan, as established by a wide range of experts and multiple governments, including the administrations of Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The evidence leading to the conclusion that China is intentionally attempting to destroy these ethnic groups includes the use of over 1,000 concentration camps to indoctrinate, torture, enslave, and rape victims; the mass sterilization of non-Han ethnic women; and a concerted effort to eradicate Islam in the country by destroying mosques or forcing them to preach only communist indoctrination and promote Xi Jinping’s personality cult.

Of tantamount importance regarding the enforcement of international law, where genocide is considered a peremptory norm that any court can prosecute, is understanding who has ordered the genocidal policies currently being implemented so as to know who should face trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) or another similar venue. The senior officials whose remarks appear in the Xinjiang Police Files repeatedly, and clearly, credit Xi Jinping personally for mandating a campaign to erase the indigenous people of East Turkistan.

In a transcript of remarks by Communist Party secretary in Xinjiang Chen Quanguo, for example, Chen consistently calls genocidal strategies like trapping Uyghurs in concentration camps “the Party Central Committee’s strategy for governing Xinjiang with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core.” Zenz refers to the document containing these remarks, made in June 2018 following a visit by Public Security Minister Zhao to the region, in his academic article as “perhaps the most important document of the Xinjiang Police Files because it very directly implicates the central government – and Xi Jinping himself – in the campaign of mass internment.”

The strategy Chen detailed, which he directly credits “the General Secretary” (Xi Jinping) with implementing, is a five-year plan that began in 2017 and is expected to end this year that includes the creation of “vocational training centers” – China’s euphemism for the concentration camps – in addition to the infiltration of all mosques with communist propaganda, “the seizing of wild imams,” and a policy of ethnic erosion both Chen and Zhao in his remarks referred to as “breaking lineages, breaking roots, breaking connections, breaking origins.”

Chen applauded his team in his remarks for having successfully implemented Xi’s ideas.

“The sources of extremism have been controlled well, the seizing of wild imams has been done well, the investigating of two-faced persons has been done well,” he praised. “the ‘Digging, Reducing, and Shoveling,’ the ‘Four Breaks’ (breaking lineages, breaking roots, breaking connections, breaking origins) have been done well.”

Chen also praised the promotion of “ethnic unity and the idea that all ethnicities are one family has been done well [through] cadres living [with ethnic minorities],” an apparent reference to both mass surveillance of civilians through the East Turkistan police state and potentially to the “Becoming Family” program. The program forces Uyghur families to accent an ethnic Han Communist Party member living in their homes and spying on them. The new “family member” often replaces the male head of household, forced into a concentration camp, and sleeps in the same bed with the matriarch. Uyghurs have reported widespread rape and sexual abuse through the program.”



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Tuesday, 28 June 2022