The Fall of London by Paul Walker

London’s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, has been on a pro-Hillary Clinton tour of the United States. He has said that immigrants should not have to assimilate: “People shouldn’t have to drop their cultures and traditions when they arrive in our cities and countries.”, September 16, 2016, says that the Chicago press had exposed “his connections to radical Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.” They said: “Mr. Khan has been repeatedly criticised for connections with former Guantanamo Bay detainees, as well as known Muslim extremists in the United Kingdom. His appearances have been widely covered by Britain’s media, but are routinely ignored by the political establishment.”

Those interested in the fate of London, now a minority white “immigrant city,” should consult Ben Judah, This Is London: Life and Death in the World City, (Picador, London, 2016). One third of London’s population has been born abroad, half have arrived since the turn of the century, and 55 percent of Londoners are “not ethnically British.” (p. 3) Traditional British people have been displaced by immigrants. (p. 109)

Here are some quotations from the notes section which illustrate where London is going:

(1) “There are more people in London with little to no English than live in Newcastle.”
(2) “There is a whole African city in London. With more than 550,000 people this would be a city the size of Sheffield. And it has grown almost 45 per cent since 2001.”
(3) “Minorities make up 55 per cent of London.”
(4) “The white British population is now around 18 per cent. South Asians make up 33 per cent. The black population, roughly 19 per cent. Between 2001 and 2011 the white British population of Brent tumbled, losing almost 30 per cent.”
(5) “There are more illegals in London than Indians. Almost 40 per cent of them arrived after 2001. Roughly a third is from Africa.”
(6) “A gun is fired in London on average every six hours.”
(7) “Between 1971 and 2011 the white British share of London’s population slumped from 86 per cent to 45 per cent.”
(8) “57 per cent of births are to migrant mothers.”
(9) “The census reads that there are more than 450,000 mixed-race people in London.”
(10) “The white British population of old cockney Newham is now 16.7 per cent.” 

And, it goes on and on…
This is the real face of a “world city,” the end result of immigration and multiculturalism, and one which our ruling elites intend to create for us as well because it “untangles their tingle.” There is nothing left in London to “assimilate” to as the native British culture and people have been destroyed. Witness the future. If this happens, forget about social credit, the Queen, the flag and all of the rest of your values. They will be washed away by the immigration tsunami.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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