The Endless, but Ignored Clinton Scandals by Chris Knight

One thing shown by the Donald Trump phenomenon is that the establishment media is corrupt, absolutely corrupt. The Australian newspapers had enough articles on Trump’s sex scandal to clean up cat messes for many a week, but only passing mention of the absolute mountain of damaging and concerning material in the Wikileaks Clinton emails. There is so much toxic material and in such a quantity that it is doubtful whether the entire state of South Australia, the world’s proposed nuclear waste dump, could contain it.

First up, Hillary Clinton loves the idea of a “open trade and open borders,” which we know as globalism, or the New World Order. She has said that her political strategy is to say one thing to the masses and another, what she intends to do, to her masters, the global financial class. Thus, she opposed the TPP in the election, but intends to push it through once she is in power. The emails show her courting the global super-class, as she whispers sweet somethings into their Satanic ears, such as that Americans who want to limit immigration are “fundamentally un-American” – as if being “American’ means anything in her deranged cosmopolitan world. After all, Trump supporters are, she openly proclaimed “deplorables,” and “irredeemable, but thankfully they are not American.” America, to her is “an intellectual invention,” with no national identity. Or, she intends to make it so.

The recent emails prove that there was collusion with the State Department in managing the Clinton email scandal, and that team Clinton was confident that they could get away with breaking the law, with help from the Obama administration and the media. Numerous emails show the cozy relationship she has with the US media, who were to go soft on the multitude of Clinton Foundation Scandals.

There is no doubt that Clinton as president will pack the Supreme Court to erode the Second Amendment, and use executive orders to move towards total gun control. She has been a long-term gun control advocate, seeking a disarmed population, backed by a hyper-armed state.

The Clinton scandals have become so much a part of alternative news services such as, that in the last few days, the mainstream papers have reluctantly and cautiously discussed this. The Washington, October 14, 2016, listed seven such scandals:

(1) Clinton Foundation donors expected “benefits in return for gifts.”
(2) Obama’s Cabinet picked by Citigroup executive, during the bailout, a month before the election.
(3) Clinton tried to save her husband’s profitable Wall Street speech before her campaign launch.
(4) Qatar, an Islamic state funder gave former president Bill Clinton $ 1 million for his birthday.
(5) Clinton team poll-tested attacks on Obama’s Muslim heritage.
(6) Clinton discussed hiding emails from Obama, then deleted them.
(7) Clinton’s spokesman urged her to lie to the public on whether she sent classified information.

They could also have mentioned that Hillary’s campaign illegally colluded with super PACs, in violation of campaign finance law; that she took money from the Saudis despite knowing that they were funding ISIS; the Clinton campaign conceded that the Benghazi attack was her fault and “almost certainly preventable”; she instigated a culinary workers’ strike at one of Trump’s hotels in Las Vegas, in order to harm his candidacy; George Soros has been heavily funding her campaign; the campaign did not want to publicise her medical records, and that campaigners felt that Bill Clinton’s sex life could damage her campaign.

The Wall Street Journal, featured an article on October 16, 2016, by Kimberley Strassel, “The Press Buries Hillary Clinton’s Sins,” which says that “the nation now has proof of pretty much everything she has been accused of.”
The above sins are all mentioned, but a new revelation is that the decision of the FBI not to prosecute Hillary over the mishandling of classified information was solely from the top down, and director James Comey had angered and disgusted the FBI agents working on that case, who felt that she should be prosecuted.

The WSJ article does not go further on this issue, but alternative sites such as USA, September 30, 2016, claim “FBI Director Received Millions from Clinton Foundation, His Brother’s Law Firm does Clinton’s Taxes.”
Various “debunking’ sites contest this, saying that there is no concrete proof of this, although Comey has indeed worked for organisations which have donated or partnered with the Clinton Foundation.

Perhaps, but these connections give good reason to investigate him too, and at least indicate that there was a potential conflict of interest, even if no money did pass hands. Certainly a director of a police organisation should not have had a past employment record outside of law enforcement, where police work will require possible investigation of those organisations.
Those who can stomach more of this can Goggle “Leaked Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton’s Life of Deceit.”

But why should the League be so interested in this issue?
First, of course, as other articles at this site have argued, the survival of the world may be threatened by a Clinton presidency.
Second, all of this material shows that Eric Butler was right in seeing history and politics as ruled by conspiracies. The only alternative to this is the idiot theory of history –  that things just happen.

Today, we know that that is certainly not true. We are indeed ruled by dark Satanic forces, who work in the shadows, and fear the searing light of truth.



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