The End of the English Language in Australia By Peter West

     One of the neglected aspects of immigration and multiculturalism is the problem of enclaves, the creation of nations within nations, which was raised in the 1980s, but is not heard much nowadays. However, there is an informative article by Bernard Salt about “non-English-speaking clusters” in our capital cities:

“Last year’s census figures confirm our extraordinarily diverse cultural and linguistic composition. About 18 million out of 24 million speak English. About three million were born overseas but are English proficient, including about 1.5 million British and Kiwi immigrants. However, there are 820,000 Australian residents who described their English proficiency as poor and a further 193,000 who are about as proficient in English as I am in Mandarin.
Indeed, the number of residents who say they do not speak English is up from 118,000 a decade ago, which suggests that this cohort is growing by an average of 7000 people a year. If Australia is to remain one of the most welcoming and inclusive immigrant nations on earth then we also need to develop our language skills. And this doesn’t necessarily mean that all migrants must immediately learn English. I think that given the basis of modern Australian prosperity it is entirely appropriate for Mandarin to be taught universally in schools. I learned French in secondary school in the 1970s; today’s kids should be learning the language of our single most important trading partner.
Across the country 16 per cent of the population does not speak English at all or well, but in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide this proportion is closer to 18 per cent. And in parts of each of these cities there are well-defined non-English-speaking enclaves including the northern suburbs of Adelaide centred on Salisbury, the southwestern suburbs of Sydney between Lakemba and Cabramatta, and in Melbourne’s west around Sunshine and southeast around Dandenong. Brisbane’s southside centred on Logan and Sunnybank is also a non-English-speaking hotspot.”

     So, were is this all going? Here, read it yourself, straight from the salt’s mouth:

“Australia’s immigration program is pivoting from Britain, New Zealand and Europe to Asia, India and to the Arabic-speaking world. The largest clusters of our newest immigrants, many of whom have little or no English-speaking proficiency, congregate in our biggest cities. Integration requires immigrants eventually to learn English but our future prosperity also may require native-born Australians to become adept at learning the languages of the future.”

     Let me translate this for you, as I see it, my opinion only. The English language is set to disappear in future Australia, as Australia becomes a colony of China. The last remaining White slaves will need to be able to speak Mandarin. Why, though is not clear for they won’t have jobs.

     This is where it leads from past generations  not taking a stand, but sitting back being passive consumers and mindless voting for the major parties whose globalism was set to destroy them. Only now are we seeing something of a reaction against this in the United States, but it may be too late here in Australia given the general ultra-cucked and deracinated level of the population. Just look at any issue you like such as the same sex marriage debate, and ask what the opinion of people in 1930s, 1950s or even 1960s Australia would be. The elites have no natural stopping point on anything. Only some sort of higher power that cuts off their evil magic can save us now. It would be nice if God decided to call it a day, but that is unlikely.

     Thus, global nuclear war may not be so bad after all, because it is probably better to die with honour, than to continue in this sub-human existence.

     If we make it into Purgatory, if we are lucky, then we should we able to spend the next 200 million years working out where exactly we went wrong!



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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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