The End of Meat By Paul Walker

     First, earlier in the year, it was all of that climate change nonsense from Greenies about how we needed to save the planet by not eating meat, although that was reserved for the West, China, as a developing society, whatever that means, could eat meat, just to catch up. But now, enter the world of coronavirus shutdowns and a real threat to the meat industry, at least overseas at present, but the same trend will come to Australia no doubt:

“As we pointed out earlier in the week, China-owned Smithfield Food's decision to temporarily shutter the largest pork processing plant in the US, based in Sioux Falls, SD, due to a coronavirus outbreak is a much more significant even than the mainstream media gave credit for. While WaPo focused on bashing the state's governor, whose refusal to issue a 'stay at home' order was blamed for the outbreak, the real significant wasn't accorded sufficient time and attention, we feel. The real takeaway here, is that the supply chain for American staples was badly damaged by the outbreak, with the damage still more extensive and stubborn than government officials have really acknowledged. Two months on, and millions of Americans are still having trouble finding toilet paper and sterilizing wipes. A comprehensive list of products in perpetual short-supply would be quite lengthy, at this point. For all we know, Smithfield might be only the beginning. Earlier on Sunday, we noted a Hormel foods plant in Illinois has been forced to close temporarily after a cluster of cases in the surrounding counties was traced back to workers at the plant. That could leave millions of Americans without access to popular processed foods like Spam. An unopened can of Spam can keep for between 2 an 5 years, depending on storage conditions. If closures like these continue, it could add further strain on the supply chain. Everywhere you look, you see experts talking about an overabundance of food thanks to the closure of restaurants, which has resulted in unprecedented levels of food waste. But sadly, thanks to the way our food distribution is set up, if there's no way to process the products, package them and then distribute them to markets around the country, then the food will spoil before it's eaten. And if enough hungry, scared, desperate and irrepressibly, unceasingly furious Americans hear that piles of food are being left to spoil in the farm belt as the country starves - or if a sudden burst of inflation rattles both the Fed and hungry Americans as one of the many worst-case "supply-side" shocks unfolds - well, they just might riot. Bloomberg warned on Sunday that these closures, along with a handful of others, are already putting upward pressure on meat prices at the point of sale in the market. As more processing facilities close, supermarkets are left with fewer options - because unfortunately many farmers who sell mostly to restaurants simply aren't equipped to ship to supermarkets, and these types of changes unfortunately take time, as frustrating as that might sound.”

     This could be the beginning of food riots in the West, as already are occurring in South Africa.  It makes it all the more important, to have a garden for grow your own food, and some chooks for eggs, still one of the best sources of protein.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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