The Dramatic Return of Public Drunk, Uncle Len By Dramatic Public Drunk, Uncle Len

This is my first piece for a time, being in lockdown, even though there was no need to quiver in fear in my shed, where I live, spending my days watching videos of Alex Jones on Infowars, worshipping every drop of sweat flung from his angry body. I wish I was Alex Jones; if only the New World Order was breathing down my neck, nobody does, not even the local stray cat. Say, Alex said that alien lifeforms being created in labs across the world. What is there not to get frightened of? Anyway, I am glad that my city is moving to give some justice to drunk people in pubic which is what I have been most of my life.

“The State Government should look at decriminalising public drunkenness and Adelaide City Council should change by-laws to allow sleeping out in the parklands, according to a new report.

They are part of a suite of measures detailed in a report to Adelaide City Council by the Australian Alliance for Social Enterprise and the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness aimed at improving safety for Aboriginal people from remote communities who come to the CBD to camp.

The report also recommends spending money on public toilets, access to electricity, grass watering and creating fire pits to reduce risk of out-of-control fires in the parklands.

It reports that the NSW Government has announced $16m in funding for “a health-based approach” to public intoxication that will expand the ability of organisations controlled by the Aboriginal community to provide a “culturally safe” response.

“The South Australian government should consider a similar response,” the report says.

Victoria has already committed to decriminalising public intoxication.”

As a homeless person myself, unless my shed is a home, I have great sympathy for Adelaide Aborigines, and everyone else, living in the Parklands, who are often harassed by police. Many times, when I have not had money for alcohol myself, some of these kindly folks have shared a bottle with me, we taking turns to swig the sweet nectar down. I think that the Parklands would make a great outdoor camping area for homeless people. In fact, the local universities too, could help out, allowing academic offices to be used after hours for the homeless. Winter is coming and many homeless people are facing hardship even keeping warm. Newspaper goes only so far, and there is not much of it, with all the on-line stuff.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022