The Dominion of Deep State By Chris Knight

Dominion Voting Systems is Deep State, and is it is owned by Staple Street
Capital, with ties to Carlyle Group & Soros. This was easy to find out via just a wiki search of a few seconds. How could team Trump have miss this, and let it go by? I am beginning to think that the entire populist movement, while having good hearts, is really is lacking in IQ points.

Even some Democrats raised concerns about dominion back in 2019, which should have set alarm bells ringing, but apparently did not:

“Democrat leaders, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren (MA), Amy Klobuchar (MN), and Ron Wyden (OR), wrote a letter in December 2019 to the private equity firms controlling the United States’ three leading election technology companies, expressing concern in the letter about the election technology industry’s “vulnerabilities” and “lack of transparency.”

The letter was sent on December 6, 2019, to three private equity firms, taking issue with “vulnerabilities and a lack of transparency in the election technology industry and the poor condition of voting machines and other election technology equipment,” Warren’s office said of the letter. The letter sought information about what role the firms had in perpetuating the technology issues.

The letter was sent to the following:

  • H.I.G. Capital, investing in Hart InterCivic
  • McCarthy Group, investing in Election Systems & Software
  • Staple Street Capital, investing in Dominion Voting Systems

At the time, those three election technology companies facilitated 90 percent of voters, the letter noted, citing the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Today, Election Systems & Software and Dominion Voting Systems facilitate more than three-quarters of voters, while Hart InterCivic was “quietly sold” by its owner, H.I.G. Capital, in April of this year, according to an October 28, 2020, report from the Wall Street Journal, which also cited Wharton School.”

Ok, that means there are now some more witnesses for court proceedings, this time leading Democrats. Talk about being hoisted by their own petard!







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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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