The Dirty Left By Mrs Vera West

     Here is just a sample of how the Left intends to fight the same sex marriage issue: with intimidation and personal threats: The Australian, September 4, 2017, p. 1.

     An Asian female GP appeared in the first TV advertisement for the No campaign. The response: the radical Left now have a petition to have her deregistered! It is exactly the same tactic now being used against Alt Right folk in the US.

     They argue, if that is not too fine a word, that she was in breach of medical ethics and the Geneva Conventions through participating in the No campaign because this means she discriminates against LGBTI patients. But, for starters, the Geneva Conventions comprise four treaties and three protocols that establish the standards of international law for human treatment in war. Nothing there on LGBTI issues. 

     Secondly, merely supporting the No side does not imply a breach of medical duty to LGBTI people, which would need to be proven. Hence no case. If medical authorities act on such baseless nonsense, then sue them too, and hit them hard!

     There is a clear case here for defamation, and the organisations pushing this, and the globalist backer behind them, need to be sued. In fact, this tactic aims to intimidate professionals supporting the No campaign, so sue anyone resorting to such tactics. Sue, and keep on suing, even after they cry.

     The doctor is quoted as saying that the Australian-Chinese community is “very alarmed and concerned that someone is trying to destroy my livelihood just because I spoke up for my family values.” Here is a conflict between multiculturalism and “progressive” Left values, and multicultural and ethnic Australia needs to stand up for their rights against the Leftoid bigots, and carry the day with a resounding No vote. Cultural diversity for the Left, is only what they want to bestow.

     Outline this story to all Chinese and Asians you know, and urge them to vote No. Sydney CBD would be a good place to campaign, if official permission can be obtained.



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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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