The “Deep State,” Globalisation and Autarky by James Reed

Almost all of us freedom movement folk, especially those in the US, have a world view model where the super-elite of the capitalist hyper-class secure their power through a one-world government, or through the rule of corporations. What has been called the “Deep State” – the ultimate rulers – are those committed to centralised one-world power structures.

An interesting different point of view has been given by Charles Hugh Smith who says that the capitalist superclass is becoming aware of the critical instabilities of globalisation and are preparing for a radical philosophical jumping of ship to autarky and self-sufficiency, because they are coming to accept that financialised globalisation leads to perpetual instability and unending cycles of boom and bust:
The argument of Charles Smith is that there is a great U-turn, but I have yet to see evidence of the elite making it. Charles Smith is of course right in arguing that self-sufficiency is the only true stable state, but the elites appear incapable of recognising this and all evidence indicates that they are still committed to the globalist dream. I doubt very much if they are capable of change and are much more likely



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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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