The Dangers of the Covid Vaxxes to Pregnant Women By Mrs Vera West

Marc Girardot puts the case, something being made more frequently, that the Covid vaccines can be dangerous to pregnant women, babies and a threat to human reproduction. The material below is his hypothesis of how this would operate as a general theory. In summary, the idea is that injected vaccine material, whether mRNA or otherwise, will not stay at the deltoid muscle injection site, as has been shown by the early biodistribution studiers done by Pfizer, and demanded by the Japanese government.  Circulating biomaterial will disrupt the local endothelial ecosystem. Repair may not be possible and if as is occurring frequently, damage occurs in the heart, this will be to the aorta or the large arteries, leading to endothelial wall destruction, coagulation, progressive destruction of smooth muscle cells, subsequent arterial rupture, haemorrhage, as well as blood clots. The same sort of destructive process could operate in the reproductive system as well.


“Can Vaccines be Dangerous to Pregnant Women, Babies and Human Reproduction ? - A Credible Mechanism of Action

Vaccine Safety Myth - Occasionally vaccines can damage endothelial blood-to-tissue barriers leading to pregnancy dramas and to infertility



Those of you who have followed my articles over the past few months know I have developed, and - I believe - validateda unified theory on vaccine toxicity, a theory that explains a number of adverse events related to the injection of anti-COVID vaccines, at least the transfecting sort. Today, I want to share with you another “Aha moment” - consistent with my theory - which I should have had a long time ago. I apologise for being a slow thinker…

I want to thank readers who have shared their stories, challenged me through their comments, and encouraged me to go beyond self evidences to discover new insights on this Covid crisis.

Again thank you to the generous contributors who have chosen the paying subscription. It is very appreciated under current circumstances.

Last summer, a British friend contacted me. His wife was pregnant with twins, and they had mixed feelings about vaccination. Having read my Biznews article on pre-existing immunity, the couple was seeking guidance putting me in a very difficult position. At the time, pharmaco-vigilance alerts had been flashing “DEFCON 1” for almost 8 months… and no one had done anything about it! Even though I understood the vascular system was being hit, I couldn’t put my finger on the mechanism of action that started the deleterious domino effect in some cases and not in others.

Today, I will outline in detail why vaccinating a pregnant woman is wrong and is potentially dangerous.

A Universal Theory on Transfecting-Vaccine Toxicity

Let me summarise my findings on Covid vaccine toxicity for those who haven’t read my previous posts. Those who know my theory can skip this section.

For the record, this applies not only to mRNA/DNA vaccines, but also to more traditional attenuated vaccines. It is relatively simple:

  • the vast majority of vaccine nanoparticlesend up in the circulatory system. We know that from the Pfizer documents. There’s no apparent reason to believe that would be specific to the BNT162b2 (Pfizer).
    Fact ✔️
  • the vast majority of cells penetrated by vaccine elements will thus be endothelial cells covering the lining of our blood vessels,simply because the particles are largely trapped in the circulatory system.
    Fact ✔️
  • all the transfectedcells will inevitably be destroyed by the immune system targeting the spike protein or bits of mRNA, expressed outside these hacked
    Fact ✔️
  • however, if injected appropriately in the muscle, the muscle will act as “a saline bagdelivering an intravenous drug”, very progressively, generally1 guaranteeing an homogeneous distribution. That can explain why many simply have no visible adverse reactions to the vaccines.
    Fact ✔️
  • vasculature physiology of the Deltoidmuscle inevitably means occasional accidental intravenous injection are bound to happen - partial or full.
    Fact ✔️
  • the cluster of particles - subsequent to inadvertent intravenous injection -will mathematically change the map of the penetrated areas, and concentrate immune hits in one or several specific areas. That likely happens in the very first instants post injection, before any significant dilution.
    Fact ✔️
  • concentrated hits will disrupt the local endothelial ecosystem, and repair might become impossible and start deleterious process, or be approximative fixing endothelial functions only partially. Depending on the location and the extent of the damage, the outcome will be widely variable.
    Fact ✔️


  • three generic areas are likely to be impacted, each leading to different pathologies:
    • if in the aorta or the large arteries: endothelial wall destruction, coagulation, progressive destruction of smooth muscle cells, subsequent arterial rupture, haemorrhage…and/or likely clotting downstream.
    • ifin the small arteries and capillaries: coagulation, clotting, necrosis and inflammation: heart, lungs, liver, spleen … disrupting partially or fully the function of the organ: myocarditis, pulmonary embolism, hepatitis...
    • if in blood-to-tissue endothelial barriers: as explained inlast week’s article regarding the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB), the destruction of specialised endothelial walls would greatly weaken the barrier protection letting through toxic components (albumine…) and immune cells in large quantity... triggering deleterious process more or less time dependent.

Many protective strategic barriers exists throughout the body - for example, in the retinathe earthe thymus (where T-cells specialise) and the bone marrow (where all immune cell originate) … and they coincide with many adverse events locations and pathologies we have witnessed such as blindness, blurred vision, tinnitus, transient acquired immune deficiency…

Barriers Are There for A Good Reason…

Even a child knows barriers have a protective purpose: either to avoid falling into a cliff or a pool, avoid driving onto a track in front of a train… or avoid a crowd stampede…

Evolution didn’t come up with a wide numbers of special-purpose barriers just for the fun of it. Barriers in our bodies always prevent harmful events from occurring, and optimum elements to be provided when and where needed.

Several critical blood-to-tissue barriers play a critical role in our bodies filtering out toxic elements, selecting specific enabling nutrients at precise times, and also , notably in the reproductive sstem.

Damaging blood-to-tissue barriers has necessarily serious reproductive consequences

You don’t want your husband’s T-cells mixing with his sperm cells, or your wife’s T-cells mixing with her ovocytes…your chances of having a fertile couple will probably plummet else these tight barriers probably wouldn’t exist.

Reproductive cells express unique genes that evidently are rarely encountered by the immune system. As such they can be perceived by the immune system as threats. For example, hTERT is a gene expressed to repair telomeres in the testis, so our babies start their lives with pristine genetics. hTERT is recuperated in 85% of cancers, and the immune system regularly reacts to this antigen… In other words, it’s “you”, but your immune system thinks it’s “foreign” because it never encountered that part of you, and it can end up destroying these reproductive cells.

Evidently, if the blood-to-tissue barrier is broken, trespassing immune cells will end up where they shouldn’t be and will inevitably do their job, triggering the destruction of reproductive cells.

The reproductive systems of both women and men are protected by a five endothelial blood-tissues barriers :

  • in Women:
    • the blood-follicle barrier(BFB) protects developing follicles in the ovary: it is thus fundamental to woman fertility
    • the blood-placenta barrier(BPB) feeds and protects the growing foetus; it needs to adapt as the placenta expands simultaneously with the foetus
    • the blood-milk barrier(BMB) protects the baby’s good health by controlling the quality of the milk supplied
  • in Men:

While it will take time to account for the true damage done to population fertility by these vaccines and their attacks on endothelial barriers, one can only be horrified to admit that already today in the US:

9% of men and 10% of women are infertile

As stated above, traditional attenuated vaccines also penetrate cells, even if they don’t hack them to produce an antigen. So adverse events that emerge more visibly today when a whole age-pyramid is vaccinated could well have been occurring in the past - invisible to the crowd and the medical community - when vaccination was done one class-age at a time … for decades.

The relative infertility equity across gender is very surprising to me given how different our reproductive systems are. It could be construed as a confirmation - or at least an intriguing hypothesis to investigate - that this loss in fertility is partly vaccine-induced.

Indeed transfecting vaccines will occasionally induce immune attacks against the protection barriers of ovocytes and sperm, possibly explaining the booming infertility levels - and the drop in sperm count - of the past decades.

Are the explosion of neurodegenerative diseases and the growing fertility problems each a different side of the same coin: the endothelial damage of over-prescribed vaccines?

The fact that 42% of women surveyed following Covid vaccination seem to have had increased menstrual bleeding post Covid-vaccination is indicative of a problem of massive proportion. Hopefully, only a small portion of that will ultimately be related to the vaccine…

The question is: Going forward, will 50% of couples have major difficulty becoming parents?

Why Vaccinating Pregnant Women Can Be Dangerous to the Foetus

Many doctors, health authorities and mainstream media have aggressively pushed for vaccinating pregnant women this past year. Frankly, when one considers the sensitive nature of pregnancy, the odds of Covid and the life-defining stakes, this is the sign of a truly dystopian society. Where has the Precautionary Principle gone ?!

Considering that the placenta acts both as a hospitable feeding cocoon to the baby-to-be-born as well as an adaptive protection, it is quite obvious that a pregnant woman should never be vaccinated given the possible nefarious consequences of vaccine endothelial transfection2 .

During the whole pregnancy, the placenta expands with the foetus, a nourishing infrastructure of blood vessels progressively growing and adapting to accompany the baby’s own accelerated growth. We know for a fact that these vaccines can disrupt not only the protection of the Blood-Placenta Barrier, but also the blood flow through clotting of the placental vasculature !

Any interruption or impediment to the normal development of the placenta will have serious repercussions on the baby. This is like waging war on the foetus by restricting his food supply and by risking destroying his cosy home … Sadly, we are witnessing many sinister signs that confirm the reality of this risk:

  • I recall a recent exchange on Substackwith a grandmother who told me her daughter had vaccinated when she was pregnant and the baby was born underdeveloped. Apparently the blood vessels were restricted and hadn’t nourished sufficiently the baby … this is very much in line with inner blood vessel lining damage. And this can only have severe life-long consequences.
  • Multiple articles throughout the world are starting to emerge highlighting high levels of miscarriages and neonatal deaths with vaccinated pregnant women.
  • Some obstetricians and midwives are coming out:

I’ve seen many, many, many complications in pregnant women, in moms and in foetuses, in children, offspring, foetal death, miscarriage, death of the foetus inside the mom.”
Dr. James Thorp, MD board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • My dear friend Dr Jessica Rosewas kind enough to prepare for us the pharmaco-vigilance data in VAERS, and found 1,615 spontaneous abortions to this date in the US. The under-reporting factor is likely to be very high, but at 41 that’s more than 66,000 spontaneous abortions in less than a year.

Beyond the sheer fact that a healthy young woman doesn’t suffer from severe Covid, and therefore vaccination is absolutely not justified, it is quite evident that risking vaccine-induced endothelial damage during pregnancy is absolute lunacy.

As a pregnant woman, you can’t eat blue cheese, but you can get injected 13 to 50 billion lipid nanoparticles - repeatedly - intended to hack healthy cells, produce innumerable toxic Spike proteins while your body is undergoing the most incredible and sensitive biological transformation: pregnancy…

We tend to forget that pregnancy is a major undertaking, an Herculean effort. We forget that, just a few decades ago, mothers-to-be would regularly die in labour. Adding the danger of these vaccines seems diabolically unfair, and quite honestly is heart breaking. Have we become barbarians?

Any reasonably sane medical doctor should have forbidden these injections to pregnant women specifically. Doctors, health authorities and mainstream media all hold an unforgettable responsibility in the unwarranted death of tens of thousands of babies promised to a life of joy and happiness with their parents and siblings.

Having witnessed in utter awe and bliss the birth of four wonderful children, I find losing a child one of life’s most dire injustices. I find depriving a woman or a man of the capacity to share their love and to incarnate it into a living little being attrociously unfair.

Where have we come as a civilisation that we kill our babies ? that we render our young infertile? What have we become ?

I will stop for tonight. I feel quite helpless as I write these lines to think what we have done as a society. I apologise. Killing our children is killing hope. They are our raison d’être. They are our innocence. They are an infinite joy.

It reminds me of my little girl asking me on a day I was dark: “Come and dance with me, my Prince!” and instantly illuminating my heart…”




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