The Dangers of the Aboriginal Voice in Parliament Drive By Paul Walker

With Labor all the woke agendas are back, such as introducing a “voice” for Aboriginal matters in both State and Federal Parliaments, including in its strongest form, a constitutional referendum to give some kind of consideration role to some Aboriginal committee over all laws, relevant to them, which means, all laws. This is a thereat to the Westminster system, which does not give some special role to one racial group. Some see this as a deliberate move to destroy our parliament, and it will certainly create chaos, and be exploited by the power elites.


Help spread the message.  Consider printing more copies of the flier for distribution.  Contact your MP and ask him/her to oppose it. Australian democracy depends on defeating this, and much else to come. Here is a sample letter to use as a starter.  


Dear Editor


“A ‘Voice’ for All”


It is time to reflect on our Constitution before a Voice for any group is considered for inclusion in our State or Federal Parliamentary process.


Elections provide us all the chance to select a representative for our area to take our wishes to Parliament.  Every person has the right to access this MP with a request and the MP has a duty to carry our ‘Voice’ for requests to Parliament where the issue can be pursued.  Naturally, not all requests will bear fruit.


The Westminster system provides representative government and Winston Churchill described it as one which had faults but there was no known better system.


With two Houses of Parliament and numerous MP’s to determine political outcomes and be responsible for those actions; any introduction of a ‘Voice’ for any group will create an imbalance; cause community division and destroy the Parliamentary process as we know it. 


If a Voice were established, it would set a precedent for numerous other groups to have their Voice too.  Where would it end?


Are we going to accept this major threat to Parliament when we already have a voice for all?


Yours etc


Here is a sample type of leaflet:


A “VOICE” in Parliament

Yes or No?

Your elected MP is the person to represent your requests in Parliament

Your elected MP is your VOICE

You pay him/her so give him/her the task

Our Constitution provides for every voter to make requests of our MP’s

Feel free to exercise your right and make a request

MP’s determine outcomes and should not have decisions reviewed or approved by a “Voice” representing any group.  This would destroy the Westminster system of Parliament.

Any group having a VOICE in Parliament will create a precedent for others too

Our stable Parliament system would be under threat

SAVE our valued Parliament by rejecting a VOICE for any group

Contact your MP today requesting him or her to strongly oppose the plan to introduce an Aboriginal Voice to Parliament







Copy for distribution





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Wednesday, 17 August 2022