The Dangers of Runaway Environmentalism By James Reed

     This truly is tragic; a woman tries to do the right thing environmentally using metal rather than plastic straws and ends up dying as she tragically fell over and it went through her eye. It shows how careful one must be; the world is a dangerous place indeed.

     Then there is the debate that I thought was a troll, or joke, that air-conditioning is sexist!!!

“In an Afghan village, terrorists throw acid on little girls’ faces, poison their water, and hurl grenades into their classrooms to stop them from going to school. In an American office, some women are a little chilly. For first world radical feminists, the latter issue takes precedence, especially in the scorching summer heat. Yesterday, Atlantic staff writer Taylor Lorenz tweeted that air-conditioning is “unhealthy, bad, miserable, and sexist,” bringing attention to a feminist movement against air-conditioning. That’s right, a miraculous wonder of technology that allows people to settle in sweltering climates is now “an engine of the patriarchy.” In a following tweet, Lorenz linked to an article from The Atlantic’s Olga Khazan that claimed that cool office temperatures hurt women’s productivity. The study found what most people already know: women prefer warmer temperatures and men prefer cooler temperatures. When someone is uncomfortable with the temperature, they perform slightly worse at work. Shocking. The author used the common sense findings as a club to browbeat (male) employers: For employers, these findings mean that by insisting on the subzero fridges you call cubicles, not only are you making half your employees miserable, you are also sacrificing productivity. The “air-conditioning is sexist” charade isn’t new; it has been going on for years around summertime. In July of 2015, The Washington Post published an article that asserted “air conditioning is another big, sexist plot.” The conspiracy theory was supported by CNN, The Telegraph, The New Republic, Today, The New Yorker, The Cut, Vox,The New York Times, Jezebel, The Independent, NPR, and the list goes on. The theory made a resurgence the following summer in 2016 when Time published an article that stated “standard office air-conditioning is indeed sexist.”  Another ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) article in 2017 linked sexist air-conditioning to the glass ceiling -- “where women are less likely to get promoted regardless of their qualifications. Boo the patriarchy.” The conspiracy theory made waves again last year when Cynthia Nixon called air-conditioning “notoriously sexist.”

     Oh, women like warmer offices, men, cooler. But all of this is just bs, because the temperature is regulated by air conditioning any way. Modern people, especially women, would simply fall over if they have to face real world temperatures without cooling and heating, and sure most men too. People have become so soft that a major survival event, like grid down black outs from a solar EMP event, would lead to mass deaths, mainly from fear and the softness that an over-civilised world has produced. Part of this softness exists in the mind as well, as seen in these environmental politically correct debates. We really need a Godly disaster of the proportions of Noah’s Ark to bring the world ack to reality, and God. Please God …



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Friday, 19 August 2022