The Curse of the Baby Boomers By James Reed

     I am just a bit too old to be a baby boomer, but I grew up with them, went to university with them, and hated them in the 1960s, all their self-righteousness, selfishness and lack of humility. Indeed, it turns out that this generation, who have essentially set Western civilisation on fire with their greed, do not want to leave anything for their children at all:

“The majority of over-50s would rather spend their money now than give it to their kids, research by life insurer SunLife has found.
Fifty six per cent of those babyboomers surveyed said that they wanted to keep hold of their hard-earned cash instead of passing it on to someone else, and 62 per cent said that the money was ‘there to be spent’.
This is despite one in 20 people saying they are relying on their parent’s cash, with one in ten complaining that their parents are having too much fun with their ‘inheritance’."

     Yes, there were many factors involved in our perilous path to our present state of perfidy, but the boomers as a whole must have considerable responsibility for the decline, and coming fall of the West.



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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