The Covid Vaxxes and Miscarriages By Mrs Vera West

Here is yet another Covid vax phenomenon, that has been denied, then ignored from the beginning, the effects upon pregnant women. According to Senator Malcolm Roberts of Queensland, before the Covid vax rollout, 13 percent of women had miscarriages around the world. However, the miscarriage rate increased to 50 percent with vaccinated women and those vaccinated in the first trimester, the miscarriage rate exploded to 75 percent. And, with an experimental gene therapy, that has been arbitrarily defined as a “vaccine,” who knows what the long-term effects will be? After all, they got it wrong with Zantac, didn’t they?

“At least 75 percent of women in their first trimester who have received the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine have had a miscarriage, according to one fertility clinic.

In the April 11 episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show,” the host played a clip in which Sen. Malcolm Roberts of Queensland, Australia, revealed findings by a local gynecology clinic about an increasing number of women having difficulty getting pregnant.

According to Roberts, about 13 percent of women have miscarriages around the world. But the miscarriage rate increased to 50 percent with vaccinated women. With those vaccinated in the first trimester, the miscarriage rate rose to 75 percent.

“That is huge information that is being ignored,” said Ben Armstrong.

Health authorities can’t seem to make up their minds.

The U.K. initially said that it was not safe for pregnant women to get the COVID-19 vaccine. However, by the end of April 2021, the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunization updated its guidelines to say that COVID vaccines pose no specific safety concerns in relation to pregnancy.

The BBC reported on this update with similar guides from a number of medical authorities who said that they should be careful with their dose.

Explaining the reason behind the shift in guidance, the BBC cited a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study of over 90,000 pregnant women, saying that there had been no evidence that any vaccine can cause fertility problems.

The CDC data form part of a broader study, which concluded that there are no obvious safety signals among pregnant women who received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

However, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency advised pregnant and breastfeeding women to avoid taking a COVID-19 vaccine due to the limited data regarding its effects. Additionally, the World Health Organization said in January 2021 that the use of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine in pregnant women is not recommended.

COVID-19 vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

However, there had been records of vaccine adverse events being dangerous. The Pfizer document data dump, for instance, showed that Pfizer knew that its COVID-19 vaccine was not safe and effective at all. It produces vaccine injuries and can even cause death.

Pfizer and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) knew that the vaccines cause heart problems for teenagers, yet gave it emergency approval for teens despite the age group not being vulnerable to the virus.

A doctor also pointed out that in May 2021, the FDA had 35 new cases of myocarditis in teenagers, yet the hospital administered them with the vaccine with no mention of its harm to teenagers’ hearts.

Pfizer itself paid the media to tell people that the vaccines were safe and effective despite knowing otherwise. However, when it started to want to force jabs on younger people, it did so despite admitting that they were not especially vulnerable to the virus.

With healthy immune systems, most teenagers are likely to get mild colds and recover in two weeks thanks to their natural immunity. There has been no need for a vaccine. Yet, the company and the FDA still haven’t pulled back on the mandates.

“Don’t ever tell someone to get something that is risky to their health, to protect them from something that’s not risky from their health. That’s unethical. It’s evil,” Armstrong said about the mandates.



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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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