The Covid Police Can Learn From India! By Richard Miller (London)

Police in the West, who seemingly enjoyed their 1984 police state powers, arresting old people out for walks, pounding them into the ground as here in the UK,  and the like, may still be able to learn more about the area of effective police brutality from India. Perhaps in the future, with the plandemics to come, police will carry sledge hammers and 12 inch  nails to crucify wrong doers, no offence intended!

"A man in India claims police hammered nails into his hands and feet as punishment for being caught not wearing a face mask.

A video of the man crying in pain with a large nail sticking out of his hand was posted to Twitter, with the individual explaining that cops from Bareilly’s Baradari police station physically assaulted him before inflicting the brutal torture.


A Bareilly Police Superintendent subsequently made a statement announcing that the claims were being investigated.


Last month, police in Indore were also caught on camera ruthlessly kicking and stomping on a 35-year-old man who was on his way to visit his father in hospital.


In the background, a child’s voice can be heard crying for “papa” as the man continues to be viciously assaulted by police.

Face mask rule violators at Marine Drive in Mumbai were also forced to do punishing exercise routines in the scorching sun while wearing face masks.

As we highlighted earlier this year, authorities in Bali also introduced a form of discipline for tourists caught not wearing face masks which involved forcing them to do push ups in public.”


Clearly, wearing a face mask is a small price to pay for the security of not being crucified!




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Friday, 12 July 2024

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