The Covid-19 Test Case of Sweden By Brian Simpson

     Sweden did not go the way of the resat of the West with the same type of social isolationism and quarantine and shutdowns, but it seems now that cases are occurring anyway:

“SWEDEN has seen another spike in coronavirus cases today with another 613 positive tests — yet its pubs remain open and packed full of drinkers. The Scandinavian country has taken a markedly different approach from the rest of Europe, which is on lockdown. Today's 613 new cases of Covid-19 marks the biggest jump for seven days, taking Sweden's total from 11,927 to 12,540. Sweden has also reported 130 new deaths - taking the total to 1,333, an average of 94 deaths per day. Despite the rise in deaths, Sweden is yet to introduce stricter suppression and social distancing orders such as closing bars, restaurants, non-essential shops and schools. Nor has it placed citizens in near-total lockdown, as in Italy, Spain and France.”

“The death rate from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Scandinavian country of Sweden is on the rise, and so much so that health care workers are having to store dead bodies wherever they can find a space, including in “refrigerated shipping containers, ice rinks and canteen fridges.” According to reports, Sweden is now reporting as many as 100 deaths from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) per day, with a total death count of around 800. The total number of cases of the virus have also breached 9,000, with patients overwhelming hospitals in areas like Stockholm, the country’s capital. Not only are there too many patients in some areas for hospitals to handle them all, but the bodies are stacking high in some places. Morgues and crematoriums, sadly, are unable to process the bodies quickly enough to make room for the additional ones that are coming in, which is putting strain on the country’s resources. “The big bottleneck is our mortuary that is not designed for such a large city that we are in,” stated Katarina Evenseth, the funeral director in Gothenburg. “It is then important for relatives to arrange the funerals so that the deceased become coffin-bound and thus can come over to the cemetery administration.” As for the ice rinks and refrigerators, Evenseth indicated to media sources that these are “working great” to handle the influx of corpses. And in the ice rinks specifically, all they’re having to do is place the coffins right on the ice.”

     It is still too soon to determine whether or not Sweden is on the right track, given everything else happening, especially the prospect of more cycles of lockdowns. The economy is probably not going to survive one longish term lockdown, but four will put us back in the Stone Age. There is a real problem here. Maybe, like Sweden, the bullet will have to be bitten in the end.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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