The Corruption of the Universities: What Else is New? by James Reed

The Washington Times, (October 6, 2016), reports that on US universities liberal professors outnumber conservatives by nearly 12 to 1. The study equated Democrats and liberals, and Republicans, and conservatives, which is problematic in itself, since Republicanism is today very much liberal and just another form of the Democrats.

They certainly are a party of “cuckservatives” and if Trump has none nothing else he had shown that. They are almost as degenerate of the Australian Liberal Party.

The universities have long ago ceased to be concerned with free speech. Australian universities are all about fees from fee paying Asian students who become migrants. The universities are just part of the Asian migration programme. I invite readers to go to any one of them in your local capital and you will be amazed.
There is no free speech. The internet is at most Australian universities is more censored than at most high schools and even community centres. All Right wing sites are computer-blocked but not the Left. Talk about bias!
These institutions, I have argued over the years, need to be closed down. Eliminate totally the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. Sciences and the professions are best taught in special centres, such as medicine in hospitals. Today the universities are too corrupt to be supported by the public purse.



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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