The Corporate Role in Attacking Voter Integrity Laws By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Americans wanting to have fair elections have a real fight on their hands, as not only is there the political class to fight, the Leftist establishment and decadent academics, but also the globalist corporates.

“So the fascist corporations Hollywood and science-fiction writers spent decades warning us about have finally arrived, and it’s not just the Big Tech Nazis. Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines are now trying to meddle in American elections by using lies and hypocrisy to wage war against voter integrity laws.

This week, the Woke Gestapo at Coke and Delta lashed out against the state of Georgia’s perfectly reasonable laws to improve the integrity of that state’s elections. Things such as voter ID, which is a 70-30 issue people support, including black Americans.

The Woke Gestapo at Coke and Delta oppose putting common sense safeguards in place to ensure drop boxes, early voting, and vote-by-mail do not become reservoirs of fraud by way of things such as identity theft and ballot harvesting, which allows activists to collect ballots.

His Fraudulency Joe Biden attacked Georgia’s voter integrity laws as “Jim Crow,” even though his home state of Delaware, which is run exclusively by Democrats, has stricter voter integrity laws than Georgia’s revamped laws.

Why aren’t the Woke Gestapo at Coke and Delta raging against Delaware? Will Coke and Delta refuse to do business with Delaware?

No, because this is not about principle, it’s about allowing Democrats to steal elections, virtue signaling, corporate bullying, and lies.

Case in point: Coke and Delta do business with countries such as China and Russia, where voting is a total joke, where everyone truly is disenfranchised, where human rights don’t exist.

Hey, I know…

Let’s all try to fly on Delta Airlines without a photo ID and see what happens!

Black people should try to board Delta flights without ID and see if the racists at Delta allow them to board.

And check out just how racist Coca Cola is when it comes to board meetings:





NEW: Coca-Cola CEO says the "racist" Georgia voter ID law is "a step backward" and "unacceptable" He requires a photo ID to be shown in order to gain admission to Coca-Cola's annual shareholder meeting."

It is double standards all the way down the line!



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Wednesday, 17 August 2022