The Coronavirus Silver Lining: Killing Universities! Way to Go, Blind Economic Conditions! By James Reed

     Pam Geller is a sweetie to write about such beautiful things, like how the coronavirus may kill off the universities and knock over Leftism before it infects the next generation of vulnerable kiddie protoplasm. Good for you Pam:

“Silver lining. Perhaps this catastrophe will destroy the left-wing indoctrination and co-opting of our children. Former president of Brandeis University and distinguished lecturer at Georgetown Law, Frederick M. Lawrence, can talk about the extremely difficult situation universities are facing financially as they try to plan for 2020-2021.

     Lawrence is also the Secretary/CEO of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and is the former dean of GW Law. He has been a guest on shows on a variety of networks including CNN, FOX and FOX Business and as well as local television and radio stations across the country.

  Clip from Great Day Washington, WUSA9

     He was recently quoted in Inside Higher Ed:

     Here is a recent quote from Mr. Lawrence in Campus Technology:

“Lecturing, asking questions to engage students, and asking students to comment on the remarks of their colleagues all transition well to online delivery. More sophisticated use of the online platforms will allow for students to form breakout groups. But even without doing this, many standard classroom techniques can comfortably be used. For instructors who prefer to use PowerPoint in teaching, the ‘share’ function on Zoom, for example, allows for the entire class to see the instructor’s home screen, where the [slide] display can be displayed.” —Frederick Lawrence, secretary and CEO

     Lawrence was interviewed by The Washington Post on a related topic.

     Each night, I kneel by my bed and pray to the Good Lord to end the universities. Maybe he has listened, and social sanity may once more occur. This will be a severe wack to the immigration-based, globalist university system, and it is already being felt:

     It is a pity that it has taken a new Great Depression to do this, but some weeds are hardy indeed, and the universities are the postmodern version of Siam weed:



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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