The Contaminated Vaccines, By Brian Simpson

This is an important development as reported by one of the Covid critical lawyers, working on the genetically modified organism aspects of the vax case. It seems that while Australian labs were not interested in doing the analysis, the team organised for Australian vax vials to be tested in Canada, by Dr. David Speicher PhD, who is the first author of a paper confirming excessive DNA contamination of the mRNA vax, found to be 509 times above the permitted limits. It was found that the tested Australian vax samples were in Pfizer was over 350 times above per dose limits set by the TGA (34,900 percent above), and over 200 times above per dose limits for Moderna (19,900 percent above).

Researcher have found that the contaminated DNA can integrate into the nucleus and has the capacity to replicate. What does this entail for the vaccinated population? It is too early to make any firm conclusions, but it is a good bet that this genetic modification is not going to make people into super-heroes. More likely, more cancer and immunedeficiencies, perhaps prion diseases for good measure.

"Last week we shared this data (as a prelude to the final report Dr Speicher will be providing soon) with a select group of Australian Senators and MPs

part of the correspondence was as follows:

A part of the GMO proceedings is the allegation the Pfizer and Moderna products contain excessive synthetic DNA contamination, which contamination forms another much more insidious form of GMO.

After many Australian labs refused to conduct testing, we organised for Australian vials to be tested in Canada, by David Speicher PhD, the first author on the paper confirming excessive DNA contamination of Canadian vials (509 x above limits).

Dr Speicher has provided an initial report to us which is attachment 6 for your consideration. Dr Speicher has confirmed excessive synthetic DNA contamination in Pfizer was over 350 times above per dose limits set by the TGA (34,900% above), and over 200 times above per dose limits for Moderna (19,900% above).

We distinguish old TGA limits because the TGA limits for DNA did not contemplate synthetic DNA encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) which is the vehicle that efficiently delivers the synthetic DNA within cells for transit to the nucleus, to in turn affect natural human DNA.

The former Research Director for the Human Genome Project, Kevin McKernan, and expert in the GMO case, has confirmed the LNPs are encapsulating the synthetic DNA for transit throughout human bodies and into cells.

Recent preliminary findings by McKernan (and associates) have confirmed the DNA contamination from the Pfizer product integrates with human DNA, and this synthetic DNA has the capacity to replicate. …

The report by Dr Speicher of vials supplied from Australia underlines yet another reason why it may be supposed powerful and vested interests do not want the GMO proceedings to be heard.

As many readers here know, the GMO proceedings specifically raise excessive DNA contamination .. a heinous form of GMO when encapsulated in LNPs, particularly when containing sequences from the SV40 virus that ensure entry into the nucleus of cells, and access to Human DNA

So this is not theory folks .. we are not in a training exercise .. this is not a drill .. this entry into the nucleus has been confirmed and until evidence shows otherwise, must be assumed to have affected millions of Australians

.. millions

And for the rest of the DNA contamination that does not enter the nucleus for creating genetic disease disorder and havoc, like kicking-starting cancers, there are a multitude of other pathways of destruction synthetic DNA triggers just by being present outside the nucleus, in the cytoplasm …" 



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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