The Climate Surprise – Why CO2 is good for the Earth

The Climate Surprise – Why CO2 is good for the Earth

The material in the linked pamphlet is drawn from “The Climate Surprise: Why CO2 Is Good for the Earth,” a conference organized jointly by the CO2 Coalition and The New Criterion, which first published these essays in a pamphlet to accompany its June 2016 issue.  The conference took place on March 29, 2016 in New York City.

  • Introduction: The politics of weather by Roger Kimball, 1
  • The climate surprise by William Happer, 5
  • Benefits of atmospheric CO2 by Craig Idso, 9
  • Recent global temperature trends by Roy W. Spencer, 13
  • Global warming: The science in three nutshells by Richard S. Lindzen, 17
  • The truth about ocean “acidification” by Patrick Moore, 23
  • Rethinking climate economics by Bruce M. Everett, 29

The CO2 Coalition on would like to thank Mr. Roger Kimball and Mr. Benjamin Riley of The New Criterion for their work in organizing and hosting the conference.
A playlist of the conference presentations is available here:



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