The Chinese Invasion of the West, By Chris Knight (Florida)

The following article is required reading for Australians, even though it deals exclusively with the US situation. It describes the Chinese influx that is occurring, with Chinese showing the Great Replacement in real time. The issue goes beyond the pouring through the open southern border of illegals, but relates to the replacement that will be done by legals, because of the sheer numbers of people involved: "With a population 4.7 times that of our country, a proportionately quite small exodus of the notoriously intelligent Chinese will transform America, not to the benefit of Americans.

The issue is: If millions of Chinese arrive, will this still be America? And how will the newcomers treat this country and its institutions?

…why would anyone welcome the introduction of intelligent and appallingly industrious Chinese children to carry off the academic prizes?"

Not just that, but these people will become the new professional class, and there hangs over them all the shadow of the CCP who can always produce compliance if there are friends and family back home still. The issue is even more relevant to Australia, which can easily be demographically swamped, and in fact seems to be now.

"Late in the evening earlier this month I stood at the heart of the campus of one of America's great universities, marvelling at the generosity of the American business community in building and rebuilding so extensively.

Then I noticed that all the young people I saw around were Chinese. After further inspection some Indians and a few blacks could be identified, but I only saw two white men.

Later that week I flew steerage from the West Coast. More than half my companions were rather tired-looking and small Chinese, dressed for rough travel and carrying huge amounts of baggage. No doubt they crossed the border a few days earlier.

I was witnessing the Great Replacement in action.

Last Thursday I posted The Chinese ARE Coming (Illegally). And They Have Tremendous Incentives To Do So.

This focused on two recent articles: Why Chinese migrants cross US southern border in growing numbers [by Francine Kiefer, Christian Science Monitor, May 21, 2024] and Why so many middle-class Chinese migrants take risky, illegal route to U.S. [by Marrian Zhou, NikkeiAsia, May 22, 2024].

Cutting through the Human Interest/Drama content which was, as usual with this genre, most of the content, I elucidated some points which are very ominous for the survival of the Historic American Nation in possession in its homeland.

  • (CSM) US Immigration Courts grant Chinese asylum requests at a much higher rate (~70% v 42%) than to other nationalities. This despite almost all Chinese immivaders saying openly at first that they are here to make money. Immigration lawyers can easily demonstrate that the People's Republic of China is a dismal tyranny.
  • (NikkeiAsia) The prospect of free public education entrances the Chinese. At home, education is not free and most also plan on expensive supplements.
  • The Chinese welfare system is quite weak and very underfunded compared to the American.

Chinese migration is very well-informed by numerous Chinese language websites accessible in China. (The fact that the highly intolerant Chinese authorities allow these websites proves that they are quietly acquiescing in this flow.) Also many get information from the Chinese immigrants already in America. They probably know more about how to game the U.S. system when they cross the border than do many Americans.

So many of this kind of story have appeared that the swamp dwellers have started to worry that the peasantry will get riled up. So counterpropaganda has started.

On May 7, 2024, Foreign Affairs, mouthpiece of the Establishment bastion the Council on Foreign Relations, posted Why Are More Chinese Migrants Arriving at the U.S. Southern Border? [by James Palmer. [Archive link]. On May 14, 2024 the populist wire service version was pumped out: Trump suggests Chinese migrants are in the US to build an 'army.' The migrants tell another story [by Fu Ting, Ali Swenson, and Didi Tang, AP News, May 14, 2024].

Because Americans generally are soft-hearted, immigration restraint advocates often default to complaining about details rather than the broad demographic/cultural threat a foreign invasion brings. Such as possible terrorists, spies, or public health problems. While valid, their opponents can get away by quibbling about the size of these threats.

Actually the Chinese influx is questionable. Even the CSM story cited above notes:

Last year, 71% of Chinese migrants entering Ecuador, a major entry point to the U.S., were male, and 55% were between ages 15 and 39

In Chinese Problems + No Borders = American Obliteration. WATCH's Great Videos! the Muckraker film makers were much taken by the military bearing of the young men they saw.

Also by the fact that China has established police stations in various American cities to monitor their expats.

AP's elegant refutation of this fear is to report that the migrants themselves deny it. Foreign Affairs counters the espionage possibility by saying

Espionage depends on access, which Chinese graduates and tech workers have and asylum-seekers do not.

(The CSM story says Chinese students are the largest group of international students in America.)

So, suspect not these Chinese—suspect those Chinese. This is not encouraging.

After all, we are talking about China, well known to be up to some strange things. Only this week we saw US-UK Intelligence Warning: China Cyberthreats Pose 'Epoch-Defining' Challenge [by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge Thursday, May 23, 2024]. The Gatestone Institute issued a report in July on Chinese bribery efforts here, which I discussed in: Gatestone Says "Hundreds" Of U.S. Politicians Purchased. How Can Mitch McConnell NOT Be One? Peter Schweizer wrote a whole (eye-opening) book on the topic: Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.

We cannot reasonably put anything past the Chinese.

Fundamentally though, both Foreign Affairs and AP fall back on the standard operating procedure of the MSM: denial. Foreign Affairs intones:

Although Chinese arrivals to the United States may remain at this level for a while, it's not likely that they will increase exponentially again in 2024… The Chinese economy isn't doing great, but the slowdown alone doesn't seem to be worth risking life and limb for.

This is preposterous. The immigration machinery is now in place and publicized, as are U.S. welfare and education benefits. And the key factor is China's size4.27 times the population of America. Even in the unlikely event economic migration suddenly ceased, genuine political and religious dissidents could easily run into the millions.

AP's effort in belittling the issue is a cute interactive chartwhich shows that Border patrol encounters of Chinese fell from 14,522 in Q4 Calendar 2023 to 9,248 in Q1 2024.

However, the influx seems to have accelerated since: CBP nabs more Chinese illegal immigrants at California border [by Bradford Betz and Bill Melugin, Fox News, May 26, 2024] says

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)… sources tell Fox News that the San Diego sector in Southern California has encountered more than 30,000 Chinese illegal immigrants at the border since October 1.

This implies May encounters are at or even above December's record of 5,951. believes in facing facts. With a population 4.7 times that of our country, a proportionately quite small exodus of the notoriously intelligent Chinese will transform America, not to the benefit of Americans.

The issue is: If millions of Chinese arrive, will this still be America? And how will the newcomers treat this country and its institutions?

Beyond that, just as no one would applaud the introduction into their child's classroom of large quantities of bigger, more developed, and more violent black kids, why would anyone welcome the introduction of intelligent and appallingly industrious Chinese children to carry off the academic prizes?

I asked some years ago: Was It Really Such A Good Idea To Let SMART Asians In?

American plutocrats, overconfident in their ability to protect their own progeny, scoff at this concern. Ultimately, when ethnocentrism bites, their descendants will curse them.

Last year in A Concerned Reader Wonders If A "Meritocratic" Majority Asian Harvard Is Good For The Historic American Nation, our astute correspondent sensibly said

Harvard presumes that it is training America's next generation of leaders … I am leery of a majority of student body of future leaders being any less white and gentile than it already is.

Given a little time (and bearing in mind the current anti-white ethos in America), these people and their children will become merciless competitors. And there will be a LOT of them.

Americans have a generally favorable impression of Chinese immigrants. But they bring serious faults. Despite high average intelligence and several thousand years of civilization, China has never been able to develop a political system other than despotism, scarcely ever benign. …

A number of those writing to me following my various Chinese essays take the view that America, and white counties generally, should welcome being overrun and (at least culturally) conquered if the invaders who are strong enough to do this.

My reply: Only whites, and no other race, are brainwashed enough to believe this. Holding this view means extinction.

Or at more length: My Correspondents Say Chinese Darien Gap Immivaders Better Than Other Illegals. I Say: SO WHAT?

More and more I am impressed by the moral stature of the great Statesmen who passed the 1924 Immigration Act. As Kevin MacDonald laid out for us in Was the 1924 Immigration Cut-off "Racist"? these men acted because they were afraid for the future of their nation. One said:

Let me emphasize here that the restrictionists of Congress do not claim that the 'Nordic' race, or even the Anglo-Saxon race, is the best race in the world…

What we do claim is that the northern European and particularly Anglo-Saxons made this country. Oh, yes; the others helped. But… [t]hey came to this country because it was already made as an Anglo-Saxon commonwealth…

It is a good country. It suits us. And what we assert is that we are not going to surrender it to somebody else or allow other people, no matter what their merits, to make it something different.

Even at the time, this attitude brought much vilification. But they were steeled by fear. MacDonald noted

What can be found in the statements of the reformers is actually fear of inferiority. Several representatives from the far West seem to have viewed the Japanese as racially equal or superior, not inferior.

A congressman described the Japanese as

"a relentless and unconquerable competitor of our people wherever he places himself."

(Chinese were not the issue thanks to the far-sighted late 19th century Chinese Exclusion Acts.)

Recognizing when you are likely to be overpowered takes emotional fortitude: it is essential for a military leader and indeed any type of Statesman.

Ignoring the question is a sin.

Where is GOP?"

Nowhere to be found on this issue of course.



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