The Breakup of Australia By James Reed

Whenever I see an item on secessionism in Australia, or anywhere, I report. It seems that a quasi-secession movement has started up, to liberate north Queensland from the south, a great idea. Then there is the continuous agitation for people in Western Australia to break from Australia, and make a new country. Hopefully one with nuclear bombs, and no Leftist fools.

“First Western Australia wanted out of the federation with their “WAxit” plan, now it looks like another plan to re-draw the map of Australia is gathering up a major head of steam.

With a proposed title of the “Reef State”, the idea is to give “North Queensland” the powers to make its own laws and split the current Sunshine State in two.

The wild plan is a major policy platform for Queensland’s newest party — North Queensland First — which was set up just 12 months ago by member for Whitsunday, Jason Costigan.

He told he used be ridiculed by his former Liberal National Party colleagues when they’d go for beers outside Brisbane’s Parliament House and he’d bring up the idea of North Queensland going out on its own.

However, Mr Costigan believes that if his plan to have a referendum on the split by 2022 ever makes it, he’ll be the one having the last laugh.

The breakaway is not a new idea — Mr Costigan claims it has been touted by some from as far back as 1865 — but he reckons northern Queenslanders have finally had enough of being told what to do by their southern neighbours.

He says they want to be able to “shoot crocodiles and burn coal” without being lectured to by the city-dwellers in Brisbane.

He reckons North Queenslanders are also getting a raw deal. …

North Queenslanders aren’t the only ones wanting to make changes to the map of Australia.

Their push comes as coronavirus border restrictions have added support to a plan — stemming from Western Australia — to essentially divide Australia into two nations.

Just last week more than one-in-four Western Australians said they want the state to break away from the rest of the country for good in polling from market research group, Utting Research.

They found that 28 per cent of the 3500 Western Australians they spoke to said they’d like to see WA become its own country – a plan unofficially dubbed “WAxit”.

The research comes after the state shut itself off from the rest of the nation in April, and has refused to opens its borders ever since.

Perth Labor MP, Patrick Gorman, said the results were “deeply concerning” and that Western Australians feel “isolated and ignored” from the rest of the nation.

“This poll shows those in the eastern states need to understand the secessionist undertones which have always existed in WA,” he told The West Australian.

“The tyranny of distance between Perth and Canberra often leaves West Australians feeling isolated and ignored by our east coast allies, fuelling the discussion.”

Given the modern degeneracy and breakdown, splitting up the country may be the lesser of the evils. Let the Left live in the compact swill of the eastern states. They like it that way.




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Friday, 12 July 2024

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