The Asymmetry of Indulgence By Chris Knight (Florida)


John Derbyshire at, has a good explanatory piece on the obvious moral double standard involved between the all-powerful Left, and the powerless Right, especially Dissent Right. As well, there is the same asymmetry when shootings and crime occur. No matter how horrific the crime, whites do not lawfully protest, but the slightest grievance now is resulting in the formation of mobs, like when the white army guy got into a dispute with a Black who was loitering around his home, the white got arrested, and a mob soon came to throw bricks at his house. Last year there was the attack on the two St Louis lawyers, who are still being prosecuted. It just shows that said army guy was wasting his time being in the Defense Forces, since the place is not worth defending, only the local area.

“Here's a phrase due for an airing: "asymmetry of indulgence."

That phrase was coined by conservative British journalist Ferdinand Mount. He was writing about how Leftist politicians get a pass, an indulgence, when they speak in the globalist-universalist diction of Karl Marx and Mao Tse-tung; but when a conservative dares to murmur that perhaps rampant multiculturalism is not a great idea, he is denounced as Literally Hitler.

Plainly we have an asymmetry of indulgence in regard to police shooting of civilians. The asymmetry was in exceptionally plain sight this week, after the shooting of Daunte Wright in a Minneapolis suburb.

The tiny minority of us whose memories stretch all the way back to early January could not help contrasting this shooting and its consequences with the death of Ashli Babbitt:

  • Possibly armed black male with an arrest warrant already extant is accidentally shot dead by white female cop. Nationwide outrage. Cop is fired and charged with manslaughter. City manager who said the cop was entitled to due process is also fired. Mass rioting and looting. 
  • Obviously unarmed white female is deliberately shot dead by black male cop without challenge or warning. [Crickets.]

As Steve Sailer noted, the "Who, whom?" principle doesn't get any more in-your-face than that.

What happened to Ms. Babbitt was a shameful travesty of law enforcement, and the silence on it enforced by the Regime and its media lackeys is outrageous. It tells us all too plainly where we are. …

White people are bad; black people are good. You didn't know that? The rising generations know it: it's taught to them in kindergarten. [Failure Factory, by Christopher Rufo, City Journal, February 23, 2021] In the world of the mid-21st century, if the U.S.A. is still around—which I increasingly doubt—most Americans will stand on it as the foundation of their social outlook.

Another, and perhaps more surprising, example of the “asymmetry of indulgence" has been in the news, belatedly. This one took place in the early hours of March 29th in Little Village, a heavily Mexican neighborhood of Chicago. A white cop shot a 13-year-old Mexican boy, Adam Toledo.

The cop was one of two responding to gunfire picked up by that ShotSpotter technology that I think all big-city forces use now. Eight shots had been fired, and the two cops headed for that location.

The teenager was plainly a delinquent. He'd just returned home the night before after going missing for several days. He was also one of two on his side of the shooting drama. The other was an adult male, 21 years old.

Well, the two cops saw the two shooters and went after them. One of the cops seems to have been faster than the other: He caught the 21-year-old, handed him off to his partner, then took off after the 13-year-old, Adam Toledo [What to Know About the Police Shooting of Adam Toledo, by Neil Vigdor, New York Times, April 16, 2021]

The kid dropped his gun behind a fence and raised his hands; the cop shot him. The dropping and the hand-raising all happened in less than a second, in poor light. Probably the cop just didn't see the kid drop the gun.

This all happened, as I said, in the wee hours March 29th. The video footage was released to the public only on April 15, Thursday, around 2:30. So then, says this report in the Chicago Sun-Times, "Protestors took to the streets …"


Mass looting? Police stations set alight? Out-of-control mobs of angry Mexicans dancing on top of police cars?

Actually, no. Around fifty protestors marched through the city to a park, shouting slogans. One protestor, name of Jose Herrera, claiming to be a cousin of Adam Toledo, drove around blasting Banda music (whatever that is) and waving a Mexican flag. He later claimed that a cop snatched his flag away and broke the shaft. Oh, dear [Protesters decry fatal police shooting of Adam Toledo following video release, by  Tom Schuba, Manny Ramos, and Sam Kelly, Chicago Sun-Times, April 15, 2021]

By comparison with the Minneapolis ructions, it all sounds a bit lame. Asymmetrical, in fact. …

If you were to ask Steve Sailer, who's done some deep diving in this pond, he would likely tell you that unscrupulous property developers, in cahoots with local politicians, have moved blacks out of cities like St. Louis and Milwaukee to Section Eight housing in small towns like Ferguson, Missouriand Kenosha, Wisconsin. Presumably that's happened with L.A., too.

And a part of the answer seems to be—surprise!—Minnesota. In the 20 years from 1990 to 2010, the black population of the state went from 2.2 percent to 5.2 percent, from one in 45 to almost one in twenty. For the city of Minneapolis across the same 20 years, the percentage black went from 13 percent to almost 19 percent.

Some of that was refugee settlement from Somalia and Liberia, but not as much of it as you'd think. Wikipedia again:

Minnesota's black population nearly tripled in less than two decades, a large fraction hailing from cities such as Chicago and Gary, Indiana. Black migrants were drawn to Minneapolis … by its abundance of jobs, good schools, and relatively safe neighborhoods. [Emphasis added].

Minneapolis - Demographics - Wikipedia, April 16, 2021

Yes, I'm smiling.

Final word from Steve Sailer

Sure, if a 13-year-old black kid had been shot there would have been riots and if a 13-year-old white kid had been shot there would not only have been no riots but the story might not even have made the national news.

A 13-year-old Mexican kid, however, falls into the beige zone from which it was worth raising the question to find out what the answer was.

The answer, like I said, is asymmetry…of expectations—and outcomes.”

And, that is life in race-based America.



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