The Apocalyptic Workout By John Steele

     No gym? No problem! The site below gives some tips on how to work out without a gym, and I know many of our readers are missing their workouts to keep fit and strong. Never mind, you can do well on body weight exercises, even when you are getting on a bit, and weight bearing exercise is good for dealing with bone degeneration and osteoarthritis. The basic exercises can be done with no weights, or using things just lying around, but, see a doctor first to get the ok. Push-ups, doing then on the knees until strong enough, calf raises on steps, body weight squats, and maybe using environmental objects, pullups from sturdy trees, lifting a bag with rocks to do overhead presses and biceps curls. Even power walking for those who cannot do any of this, will be find. Since we are imprisoned, you will need to walk around your cell. You are only limited by your imagination.

     Here out in the Victorian scrub, I have been in lockdown for years, and train daily, about 3.30 pm each day. Today, being Sunday, my day of “rest,” I do 4,000 calf raises off a log, and at least 1,000 squats, with a rotten tree trunk on my back. Then Bowie knife training. It entertains the lizards and crows, who watch the bush madman in amusement. But, it keeps my body strong and like steel, which is where I get my name.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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