The Amazing Adventures of Hillary Clinton by Michael Ferguson

Hillary Clinton’s latest revelation, brought to us by the generous folk at Wikileaks, is that as Secretary of State, she was the mastermind of the fall of the Gaddafi regime, a fall which according to DC (August 27, 2016, at   “resulted in a missing 1.5 billion dollars sent to Libya by Hillary Clinton,” the death of four Americans, and thousands more people. Wikileaks reveals that it was all done because the House of Saud wanted it. And surprise, surprise, the House of Saud has donated millions to the Clinton foundation and her own campaign to be president of the United States.

Other emails reveal that France and the United Kingdom both sought to control Libya’s oil after the US-backed coup in 2011, and that France sought to control Libya’s gold and silver reserves, that at the time were worth around $US 7 billion. The email on this made no mention of humanitarian concerns, but was solely directed to the major power players, such as France, carving up Libya’s resources.

Gaddafi had made the fatal mistake of seeking to create a gold-backed African currency to compete with the dollar and the euro. So, in the spirit of free market competition…they killed him: For his trouble, some of his $ 90 billion fortune ended up in US banks, but most of it is unaccounted for. I wonder whose hands this went into.

In the light of this toppling of governments, it is somewhat small fry to mention the other emails reveal that at least 85 people, who donated a combined total of $156 million to the Clinton Foundation, met or spoke on the phone to Hillary Clinton, while she was Secretary of State. These emails were obtained by a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch against the US State Department. The emails reveal conflict of interests that Clinton has during her time as Secretary. This alone should raise extreme doubts about her fitness for the office of the president.

Under fire, Clinton is playing the ‘racist” card, the ultimate cosmic weapon in the universe, well, at least among deracinate brainwashed whites. This week she vilified supporters of Donald Trump by calling them a bunch of racists. As Breitbart points out, this is coming from a party that went to war to preserve slavery of blacks, founded the Ku Klux Klan and passed Jim Crow laws:

Hillary Clinton also praised former KKK member Robert Byrd as a “friend and mentor,” after his death: Although Byrd apologized for being in the KKK, that should not matter to the Left, because racism is an eternal sin, beyond all forgiveness and redemption.

Finally, the really “exciting” news for Australia. Barbra Streisand has said that she will move to Australia if Trump becomes president. Trump is sexist and “insults her right and left, and has no facts,” no doubt ignoring the email scandals: Perhaps she may become our next governor general, or even prime minister



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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