Talk about Irony! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

This tweet just came up on the corner of my over-worked computer from a leading US psychologist, obviously critical of president Trump:

Dan Ariely




Thank you, President


, for being one of my inspirations for my new book 'Misbelief.' You've taught me a lot about the psychology of disinformation, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to thank you by sending you a copy of Misbelief #misbelief


But I did a quick Google on this guy and found this out about “Misbelief”:

“Two years ago, an influential 2012 study of dishonesty co-authored by the social psychologist and best-selling author Dan Ariely came under scrutiny. A group of scientists argued on their blog that some of the underlying data—describing the numbers of miles that a car-insurance company’s customers reported having driven—had been faked, “beyond any shadow of a doubt.” The academic paper featuring that study, which described three separate experiments and had five co-authors in all, was retracted not long after. At the time, Ariely said that the figures in question had been shared with him by the insurance company, and that he had no idea they might be wrong: “I can see why it is tempting to think that I had something to do with creating the data in a fraudulent way,” he told BuzzFeed, “but I didn’t.””

Well, I am sure Trump will just adore the book.



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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