Taking the Christ OUT of Christmas By John Steele

     Yes, the politically correct are working away to take the Christ out of Christmas:

“A ‘JESUS ban’ in public schools has sparked fury from Coast MPs, after reports kids swapping Christmas cards, making Christmas tree decorations or bracelets could be censored.
The Australian reported an unofficial policy from the Queensland Department of Education and Training had identified junior evangelism as an issue to be stamped out, following a Departmental review into GodSpace religious instruction materials.”

     That’s not all – right across the net, godless humanists of the new World order have been working on this since, well, since Adam was a boy, literally:

     Think about the Marxist cultural war that is on-raging while carving huge chunks of ham that you will eat with your Bowie knife. Sorry, that’s me.  And, it will be tinned ham, maybe cheap spam.  I will dig it out of the can with my hunting knife. Sometimes I might even cook it in my pan on the campfire.

     Meanwhile, here are some guys who know how to wish us a merry Christmas:

     I hope you are like me and are dreaming of a white Christmas:

     I will be thinking of you all on Christmas Day, out here in the scrub, eating my Christmas dinner over a camp fire, with my guns, weapons and blowies for company.



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022