Sweden May be a Paradise for Rapists, but will have Herd Immunity Soon By Richards Miller

     With Sweden being basically a social welfare state for gang rapists, perhaps second only to the UK, which is slightly more into farming off their children to be raped, it did not go for the lockdown. Could this because they feared it might upset the rapists, not being good for business, let alone gang wars with grenades, but save that for another time?

“Amnesty International:  Sweden has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe but the lowest conviction rate, and worsening levels of violence against women, despite its good reputation for gender equality. A study commissioned by the European Union found that Sweden has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe. And an Amnesty International report on rape in the Nordic Countries was highly critical of Sweden for an abysmally low conviction rate for rape cases. Which adds considerable weight to criticism of Sweden for pursuing Julian Assange for purely political reasons. In an open letter to the Swedish government on his blog, Michael Moore quotes these findings from Katrin Axelsson of Women Against Rape:

** Sweden has the HIGHEST per capita number of reported rapes in Europe.
** This number of rapes has quadrupled in the last 20 years.
** The conviction rates? They have steadily DECREASED.

While rapists enjoy this apparent impunity, the Swedish authorities’ sexual assault allegations against Assange, although he has not been charged with any crime, resulted in his imprisonment and release on bail in the UK.
AI concluded that “deeply rooted patriarchal gender norms” of Swedish family life and sexual relationships are a “major societal flaw” and a reason for the continued prevalence of violence against women in Sweden.”

     I wonder where that comes from?

“More than half of those convicted of rape or attempted rape in Sweden last year were born in a foreign country, new statistics reveal. In cases of rape where the victim was set upon and did not know their attacker or attackers, the figure rises to 85 per cent. Four in ten had been in Sweden less than a year. The figures have been revealed following an investigation by Sweden's public service channel SVT, which has seen opposition politicians demand expulsion of convicted foreign-born rapists.”

     Must be more false news.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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