Sweden; Bombs then Guns By Richard Miller

      It is a perennial question about which country is more cucked over, the UK, or Sweden. For me, I change my opinion given the latest news. I will argue in a future article that probably the UK is falling faster, but the question is moot. Sweden had been making the news about grenade attacks, but now guns are back as weapon of the month, almost like ice cream flavour of the month:


“Swedish Moderate party leader Ulf Kristersson has slammed the surge of gun violence across the country as Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has vowed new measures to tackle gang crime. Mr Kristersson made his comments in reaction to three shootings over the weekend in the Swedish capital of Stockholm saying the current situation in the country is “extreme for a country that is not at war”, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports. Mats Löfving, head of the police’s national operational department Noa, commented on the shootings this year saying: “The development is unacceptable. In many cases, military automatic weapons are used. We see a reduction in the number of those injured in firearm violence, but the killing does not go down.”

So far this year, the Stockholm area has seen 11 deaths as a result of shootings. Last year, Sweden saw a record number of shooting fatalities with Swedish police specialist Gunnar Appelgren making similar comments to Kristersson last December, stating that Sweden was akin to a “state at war”. Shootings have not been limited to Stockholm either.  Just before 1am Tuesday morning, police in central Växjö discovered a man who had been wounded as a result of gunfire. Officers say the man had to be rushed to a nearby hospital but so far no suspects have been arrested in the case.”

     In fact, Sweden is at war, a civil war reflecting its profound state of social disintegration and anomie:


“Sweden continues to see a rise in the number of fatal shootings and attempted murders, with illegal weapons becoming more common throughout the country. According to the Swedish National Forensic Centre, the number of shooting murders and attempted murders have doubled since 2012, leading to an increased demand for weapons investigations, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports. Mikael Högfors, group manager at National Forensic Centre, commented on the rise saying, “The availability of weapons in Sweden is relatively good. We see that due to the number of shootings. But we also make several efforts within the police authority when we have investigations underway, where we actually hunt down the weapons.”

Over the more than 300 shootings in Sweden in 2017, the most common firearm used was by far the Kalashnikov pattern rifle, according to Högfors. “It is one of the world’s most manufactured weapons and has been used in many wars. When they are no longer needed they are smuggled into Sweden,” he said. Many of the riffles, along with hand grenades and other weapons, are originally from the Balkan region. Last year, Bosnian prosecutor Goran Glamocanin claimed that Sweden had become one of the largest markets for such illegal weapons from the region. “According to the information we have now, the Swedish market is the most attractive in Europe. It is because of the high demand,” he said.

     In short, Sweden has moved from being the laughing stock of continental Europe, to becoming a failed state, and the new war lords are rising to control and feed off of the white sheeple. Who of us would have thought, say even 10 years ago this would occur? And, given all of this, what will the violence-as-usual predictions be for the next decade?




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Friday, 19 August 2022