Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph
Weren’t lefties telling us just a week or so ago that politics should be kept out of the climate debate?

Let’s see what those same lefties have to say about this press release from Southern Cross University, which is launching some kind of Greens-breeding program in NSW schools:

It is the challenge we can all play our part in. But this Wednesday at Southern Cross University students will take the lead when more than 300 children and teenagers from local schools will share ideas on how to combat climate change …

Organiser David Rousell, a Research Fellow and lecturer from the SCU School of Education, said the new school-based curriculum, culminating in the challenge enabled students to have their own response to climate change and acknowledges kids as experts in their own lives.

“This gives students a sense of political agency and to show their own research throughout the region,” he said.

“We have worked with kids and teachers directly to create a climate change curriculum, the first of its kind in the world, which is now going into schools …

“Some students take photos of beautiful things such as sunsets or waterways and then write about how it could be lost or destroyed because of climate change.”



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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