Steps to Avoid the Digital ID, By James Reed

The Digital ID Act is now, unfortunately law. Nation First has given a useful set of ideas abut what can be done now to survive it, to fight back and get the Act repealed. That will require the Opposition getting power, and I think a new leader to replace Dutton. But in the meantime, Nation First says that above all else people must resist and not get the ID, to fall into the web. This will not doubt be difficult as many services will make use of it now, such as on-line banking; one will simply not use it, as inconvenient as that might be. But people survived long before our on-line world, and I think a bit of downscaling will be good for the spirit.

And, hard times will make hard people, who have been hammered on the anvil of life. And we sure get hammered!

"Avoiding Digital ID.

Here's how you can avoid being part of the Digital ID system and what you can do to help get it repealed.

As mentioned earlier, the government says this system is voluntary.

But we all know what that really means: coercion and pressure until you comply.

Don't fall for it. Don't volunteer, no matter how much they try to push you into it.

For example, if banks start requiring a Digital ID for online banking, refuse to bank online.

Instead, do your banking in person at a branch or over the phone.

Yes, I know that such measures are inconvenient and time-consuming and that banks are making it difficult by closing down rural and regional branches and making other branches cashless.

This is likely to occur when accessing most services — including government services — online.

Get ready for a whole heap of long waits in queues or on the phone.

However, such inconvenience pails in comparison to what might eventually happen if we get sucked into the Digital ID system.

This is all about taking control and saying no to unnecessary surveillance.

Also, be careful with the personal information you share online.

Who knows whether this information will eventually feed into the Digital ID system, particularly when private corporations get involved?

Reduce your presence on social media, avoid unnecessary online registrations, and be cautious about digital services that demand too much information.

In some instances, if you want to be anonymous online, this might mean getting off mainstream social media platforms altogether.

In South Australia, the State Government has just announced a major legal review to show the way forward for identification to be required to use social media accounts under the guise of restricting minors from social media.

I have no doubt the Digital ID will be utilised for this proposed social media identification requirement.

I would also encourage you to use privacy-focused tools and technologies, such as VPNs, encrypted messaging apps, and privacy-oriented internet browsers, right now.

These tools are essential in protecting your digital footprint and maintaining control over your data.

Every piece of information you keep to yourself is a step towards protecting your privacy.

When corporations start rolling this out, you are also going to be faced with a choice.

However, you can support local businesses and services that don't require digital ID verification.

This helps you avoid the system, boosts local economies, and strengthens community ties.

What's been mentioned so far are actions you can take to help yourself, but there are also political actions you can take that could help bring down the Digital ID system.

Being part of the Nation First community is a great start, but I'd also encourage you to join or form local groups that advocate for privacy rights and digital freedom, such as CitizenGO (which I'm also involved with).

Collective action amplifies our voices and strengthens our resistance.

You can also contact your local Member of Parliament and/or Senator if they are from the Liberal Party, National Party, LNP or Country Liberals, and urge them to commit to repealing the Digital ID Bill if they win the next election.

Make your voice heard. Call or email their office.

Here's a straightforward script to get you started:

I am deeply concern about the recently passed Digital ID Bill. This legislation poses a serious threat to my privacy and freedom.

I want you (that is, the MP or Senator) to commit to repealing this bill if the Liberal National Coalition forms the next government.

I do not want any new or different Digital ID system introduced in its place.

If you do not give this commitment, then I may as well vote against you and for Labor because there will be no difference between either of you.

The last part of this script will make the Liberal, National, LNP or Country Liberal MP or Senator sit up straight.

If you threaten to remove your vote (either your primary vote or preference) from them to Labor, they will know not acting against Digital ID will cost them politically.

Of course, how you actually vote is up to you and you alone, and it's done in the privacy of the ballot box.

In addition to direct political action, you can also help raise awareness about the dangers of the digital ID system.

Spread the word by getting involved in protests, writing articles, and using social media (while you don't need an ID to get access to it).

The more Australians that understand the risks, the stronger the resistance will be.

Now is the time to act.

By taking these steps, we can protect our personal freedoms and resist the encroachment of an intrusive Digital ID system."



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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