Stay Human: USA Get Out, Go Home! By James Reed

     Ok the title of the song, in this heading, is a bit lefty for my taste, but the heart is in the right place, as it protests the disgusting treatment of Australia citizen Julian Assange, who was doing his job as a journalist, exposing the rotters. This is from the Stay Human Project, based in all places, Adelaide, which happens to be the capital of South Australia. If people do not know where South Australia is, I suggest Google maps for assistance. Yes, I am a cranky Victorian continuing the mindless squabble against the Crows. How could my brother, who lives in Adelaide, favour South Australia over the beautiful totalitarian regime of Victoria? Is freedom really better than having one’s head kicked in, or being dragged out of one’s car over broken glass? Surely not.



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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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