Statistical Impossibilities in Georgia By Charles Taylor

Things have happened in the 2020 US elections which should excite mathematicians everywhere since, the impossible happens. Or it is fraud?

“In any Presidential election, each candidate will get a number of ballots marked President-only, and, of course, there will be some difference in the totals between candidates.  However, the more unequal the totals, the less likely that the result is due to random-chance.  A WIDE difference in the number of ballots marked President-only in Georgia is VERY suspicious for fraud.  Fortunately, the level of suspicion can be calculated by a statistical method called a Bernoulli trial.

In the Georgia election, 800 ballots were marked only for President Trump, and 96,800 were marked only for Joe Biden.

We ran a Bernoulli trial on that difference.

Our results show that the odds of this difference being random is random are ONE out of 10 TO THE POWER OF 274.   That is, one chance out of a nonagintillion!!

The improbability of this should convince a judge or anyone seeking the truth to perform a real recount of all ballots in Georgia while allowing proper oversight (not one Republican per 10 tables) while including a proper review for signatures as well.”

Mathematics does not lie, unless you are from the Left, then anything goes.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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