Something Globalist, This Way Comes By Charles Taylor

     Here is a glimpse of the globalist mind in action, already preparing to bury the West under migrants. Only migrants matter in their agenda. Of course, migrants are just pawns in the game;

“Starbucks investor Howard Schultz wants to get elected president and to amnesty at least 11 million illegal migrants in the United States. But his justification for the amnesty includes no rules or principles that would prevent his huge amnesty from expanding into an open-borders policy which would benefit investors at the expense of white-collar and blue-collar Americans, said Jessica Vaughan, policy director at the Center for Immigraiton Studies. Schultz told 60 Minutes:

The country, first and foremost, is based on humanity, fairness, goodness. We have been for 200 plus years a country of immigrants, and for the 11 million people here, unauthorized, there should be a fair and equitable way for them to get in line, pay the taxes, pay a fee and become citizens of the United States. “What I hear is not only platitudes about immigration and cliches about an amnesty being earned …  but a complete ignorance and disregard for the effects on Americans of unlimited immigration,” said Vaughan. Shultz’s statement suggests that “there is no such thing as an American, and that America is just a collection of anyone who wants to come, rather than a nation with laws and unique culture … He is speaking as if the concept of an American nation is obsolete or never was there to begin with.”

Shultz also seems to think that Americans have nothing to say about immigration, she said. His statement “is all about the immigrants, and not about what is the best policy for our country.” For Schultz, “there is just no downside to unlimited immigration.” The perspective is common among bankers and investors, such as Schultz, because they gain economically when the federal government imports welfare-aided consumers and cheap workers. Overall, investors tend to prioritize economic growth above Americans’ concerns about wages and salaries, crime and real estate costs, civic harmony, and government priorities.”

     The globalist goal is for dirt cheap labour, and rather than boldly coming out and saying that, they push the bleeding hear nation of migrants bs. Even if this was true in the past, which it was not (otherwise how did the Anglo countries such as America and Australia even get English and English institutions), it does not follow that it should continue into the future, and most ordinary people agree with that. But, in the globalists’ ideal world, only the 1 percenters have anything, and everybody sleeps in the street, and eats grass and bark, working for nothing, until they drop dead from exhaustion. That is the ideal, but until that is reached, minimum subsistence wages are given. But, where does this all lead for these monsters? Will they even have a society to live in? It is fine to fly to work in a helicopter, and never touch the ground, but ultimately the helicopter pilot, and the building security and maintenance folk are going to get hungry and become a threat. Pitch forks and torches blazing in the night, is a distinct possibility. That explains why so many of the elites are getting into survivalism and bugging out, big time: 



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Saturday, 24 February 2024

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