Someone Just Said “Boo”! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

It is a bit like saying “fire” in a crowded cinema. Someone foolishly said  at a crowed anti-gun rally shouted “I am the gun,” and people panicked and stampeded, much like a herd of nervous Leftist deer. Well, it was as pretty stupid thing to have done, shouting out the demon word “gun” and people could have been injured, if not killed, for maybe the word was loaded and could have gone off! Clearly shouting is dangerous, and so are mass rallies of Leftists. By gun-banning logic, such things should be banned, as should, by their “logic” saying the word “gun” and stampeding when the forbidden word is said.

“A massive gun control rally at the National Mall in Washington briefly turned into a stampede on Saturday.

Videos from the scene show people standing and sitting on the park’s lawn.

The crowd suddenly begins to scatter in panic, with some desperately climbing and jumping over the metal security fence.

“Do not run! Please, do not run! There is no issue here!” the speaker at the event says.

Local media quoted police as saying the incident started after a man shouted “I am the gun” near the stage and threw an unidentified object.

The man was detained, and no weapons were found. His identity has not been revealed.

At least 50,000 people were expected to attend the DC rally, according to a permit for the event.”



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Wednesday, 17 August 2022