Some Sense from John Howard Mrs Vera West

     John Howard is doing a little to redeem his disgraceful time as prime minister in his No campaign. The latest is a full-page ad in The Weekend Australian, September 30-october 1, 2017, p. 10, which gives a good summary of the threats of a successful Yes vote. Most shocking for democracy, Labor and the Greens will not accept a successful No vote. There are no protections clearly forthcoming on religious freedom, and Howard mentions the disgraceful cases involving section 18 C, of the Racial Discrimination Act, as not engendering much confidence. What a pity he did not do anything about this when he was on watch, but like Abbott, bowed to the ethnic/multicult lobby.

     He notes, following the Safe Schools controversies, that education activists are “ready to introduce classroom material regarding gender issues unacceptable to the mainstream of Australian parents.”
John, this is already occurring and we have not seen anything yet, if they get the Yes vote up.

     Time to move kids out of schools and home school. Maybe even abandon Australia! Just kidding, we are going to fight to the bitter end, aren’t we?

     We are standing at the end of Western civilisation. This, and many other issues reported this week, when we join up the dots, form a frightening vision of the apocalypse. Yes, it has all been left go for so long, by good men who did  nothing, or not very much, and now  we now sail into uncharted waters, with rocky reefs, everywhere. Sharks encircle the boat. Oh, it just sprung yet another leak. Got the mental image? Help!

     It is not too late to do your bit in trying to save all that is worthwhile by telling the No side to all friends, family and neighbours, and getting them to do so as well. Otherwise, our culture will be changed, pretty quickly.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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