Some People Cannot Let Go of Their Masks … Even for $ 100,000! By Mrs Vera West

Covid vax critic, and businessman Steve Kirsch was on a plane trip. The woman sitting next to him, who worked for Big Pharma, was wearing a mask. Kirsch put the case to her against masks, including that she would take it off to eat and drink, where she could be infected by the dreaded Covid, and her eyes were vulnerable anyway. Then he offered her $ 100,000 to take off the mask, which she refused to do. So, this does indicate her faith in the cult of Covid. But what is interesting is that the story got media coverage, and almost all was critical saying that this was “creepy.” Now why would so many media outlets use basically the same words to deconstruct Kirsch’s experiment? It seems that there must be some centralised coordination going on here, which is not a surprise with all things, Covid. Either that or the media bots are programmed the same way!

“The backstory is I was simply inquiring if, after hearing compelling evidence that masks don’t work (including the Cochrane review showing they don’t work, the fact that you can be infected with one breath, the fact that you remove the mask to eat or drink, and the fact that you can get COVID easily via your eyes which aren’t covered), if people could be incentivized to remove their masks.

All the conversations were cordial. I even shared the tweet with her. The question was simply to assess how strongly people believed the false narrative that masks protect them. That’s it.

I was simply asking a hypothetical question: “If you were offered $x, would you do y for a few hours?”

If they accepted the offer, I simply would have noted the price.

I was not trying to compel them to do anything they didn’t want to do.

Now the bigger question is: “Are we no longer able to ask people hypothetical questions in America without being labeled a creep?”

The stories

Only Inside Edition contacted me before they wrote their story. None of the other news organizations reached out to me to get my side of the story before they wrote their story. Andrew Court from the NY Post called, I called him right back, but he never returned my call before writing his story.

Inside Edition: The video interview with Jim Moret appears later today. I’ll update the link when I have it. They were the ONLY news organization to speak to me before running their story. Ironically, Jim and I went to high school together and every now and then we run into each other!

UK Daily MailTech tycoon who offered woman $100,000 to take off her mask on board Delta flight is called a 'creep' and 'weirdo' - but some are on his side

UK Daily RecordMillionaire branded 'creepy' after offering $100,000 to woman on flight

Toronto SunTycoon Steve Kirsch, who offered mask-wearing passenger $100Gs, called 'creep'

One Mile at a TimeAbsurd: Delta Passenger Offers Seatmate $100K To Remove Mask

The Portugal News€115,000 offer to remove mask: Businessman Steve Kirsch said he was shocked after the passenger next to him on a flight refused to remove their mask - despite him offering him around €115,000 to do so.

UK MirrorMillionaire makes 'creepy' $100,000 offer to woman sitting next to him on plane

UK Daily Star: Millionaire branded a 'creep' for $100K offer to woman who sat next to him on plane millionaire slammed for ‘creepy’ $100,000 offer to woman on plane

NY PostTech tycoon called a ‘creep’ for $100K offer to female plane passenger

Croatia Insider'DA SAM BAREM JA SJEDIO PORED NJEGA': Milijunaš ponudio ženi u avionu 100 tisuća dolara ako napravi ovo

La NaciónEl empresario estadounidense Steve Kirsch le ofreció 100 mil dólares a una mujer para sacarse el barbijo y fue repudiado

Do you see a common pattern in those articles?

What actually happened

I was finishing up a phone call where I talked about the COVID vaccine before they closed the door for the early morning flight from SFO to Detroit.

The woman sitting next to me said she overheard my conversation and asked if I was in the pharmaceutical industry. I said I was a journalist and described what I did.

She mentioned she was in pharma and provided the name of the company she worked for.

I asked her about her mask and said I wasn’t aware of any studies showing they worked. Did I miss something? Was she aware of a compelling study showing masks worked?

And so on. It was a cordial conversation. I never asked her for permission to record the conversation. She voluntarily told me the name of the pharmaceutical company she worked for (which I didn’t reveal since she requested I not do that) and we talked about one of the drugs they used to make.

I told her about my earlier tweet and said that a lot of people are trying to sit next to me on planes now.

I asked her if in light of all the evidence she would consider removing her mask now that she knows it is ineffective? What about if I offered you a $100 incentive? etc.

After she turned down my offer, I wrote it up as a second tweet and showed her my tweet (the one above) and said it had gone viral (200K views after an hour).

No complaints were filed with Delta or the flight attendant.

Quite the opposite: she seemed most amused by all the attention she was getting on Twitter! She couldn’t believe it went viral.

For more information

  1. I offered people $10,000 to take off their face masks for 60 minutes. Here's what happened.This was the original offer. In the Twitter comments, people suggested I went about it wrong, that I should first offer $100 since that seems more believable. So that’s what I did this time around.
  2. Masks fail their biggest test in Bangladeshwhich has links to a huge number of articles on masks.”


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