So Much for “Tolerance”! By Richard Miller (London)

Green Parties around the world are very crazy, but perhaps the Scottish Greens are the worst of a bad bunch. Thus, some Green activists signed a "Scottish Green Declaration for Women's Sex-Based Rights," which is a classic old-style feminist document, affirming women's rights, that "sex is a biological reality," and that women have a right to equality-based legal protections. A few years ago this would not have attracted attention from all but conservatives. But even this old-style Leftist position was contrary to the postmodernism of the present Scottish Green Party, and these recalcitrant members have been given the mighty Green boot out of the Party. The reason given is that their position threatens the safety of trans and non-binary members.

But how are they threatened? Why are they so fragile? We are not told, as it is the new faith, and what a faith! And if people kick up too much there will be reports to the Scottish thought police for prosecution under the new turbo-charged hate laws.

Scotland has fallen, for now, but it can rise again.

"If you thought the Scottish Greens couldn't get any battier, then strap in. Patrick Harvie's barmy army has ramped up its baffling stance on gender politics and is now expelling party members for declaring that 'sex is a biological reality'. There really are no words…

The eco-zealots have turned on their own membership after a handful of activist members signed the 'Scottish Green Declaration for Women's Sex-Based Rights' in a protest against the party's position on gender issues. The unofficial declaration asserts that sex is a 'biological reality', women have a right to maintain sex-based protections as in the Equality Act, lesbians are same-sex attracted and 'women and girls have the right to discuss policies which affect them without being abused, harassed or intimidated'. Long-standing activists and Green party supporters endorsed the document, which received a total of 14 signatures, before they were reported to the party's conduct and complaints committee. A disciplinary investigation was launched soon after.

A subset of the party which describes itself as the 'Rainbow Greens' accused signatories of making the party less safe for trans members, failing to 'maintain political discipline' and breaking party rules. And now, staggeringly, a number of party members have been expelled with immediate effect, according to the Holyrood magazine, which reports that half of the letter's signatories have so far been pushed out of the party. A party document that records Green MSP Ross Greer as a witness has blasted the women's rights declaration, stating primly that:

Given the serious nature of this complaint and the serious breaches of the Scottish Green Party Code of Conduct, the only appropriate action to be taken on this occasion is that all current members who are signatories on the 'declaration' MUST be removed from the party with immediate effect, to ensure the safety of all trans and non-binary members of the Scottish Green Party.

Blimey. So much for inclusivity and tolerance, eh?



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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